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  • Itachi
    I would like to extend a invitation to my personal Discord server. It's a safe space for like minded individuals. We're really chill (we don't ban anyone unless they're really retarded). We also host movie nights (weekly) and voice chatting!

    https://discord. gg/ApYgr3DKd7 Just remove the space between . and gg cuz PDF blocks all links to Discord... and paste the URL in a new tab ;)
    Mohamed Bin Tughlaq
    Thanks for the invitiion brother lets report that guy
    assalam alaikum bro,

    how r u doing?

    I liked some posts you made about the houthis and iran, but its probably better to leave the chill thread as it is.

    If they use it to rally posters, just report to mods as I have done in the past.
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