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  • Nice well i am happy to see winter in Lahore since it's not too cold though lol
    Oh alright.

    No problem man, that's what we're here for. :P

    Nothing's up these days expect for the winter in Lahore. Great weather for outdoor activities.
    lol the member who was calling fellow member " A Moron" i am just trying to be invisible hand lately if you understand what i mean!!! lol so what's up dude
    brother you know i seriously appologize for that - i was about to reply on that thread asking appology but then - had to go out for a work.

    and you know i read your post lots of times - very friendly informative. it was just that - neo is friend and i took you wrong - my bad in reading and may be your little bad in writing. anyways nice to read that reply from you a good one-

    friends. brother.
    you said it right bro - i will make sure to - see what i type , and never ruin the santity of thread. thanx for pointing it out.
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