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    Russian mercenaries 'beat and beheaded Syrian man' in leaked video

    Hope Russians beheaded this person for good & just reasons! Btw, who this person was? An ISIS affiliate, a Spy or what? Keep in mind, after all it's Syria: One of the hotbed of Western sponsored Terrorism and ever shifting grounds!
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    Fact Check: How badly will the Dragon be hit if India stops importing from China?

    Delusional Indians perhaps do not know the depth & width of Economics, particularly International Economics! Perhaps it's better to let them remain in their delusional realm!
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    Jordan to consult other states on Kashmir crisis, says King Abdullah II

    I appreciate their diplomatic efforts for the Kashmir Crisis. Beware, that India wants to declare Indian Occupied Kashmir as it's sole domestic problem, and diplomatic efforts in the international arena effectively negates Indian assertion. Make no mistake! Kashmir is the Bosnia Herzegovina of...
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    Hamid Karzai Harps Again on His Masters Voice.

    Not strange enough! Afghanistan Government has always been against Pakistan, and the current Afghan Government works on the dictation of CIA & Pentagon, so expect NO GOOD from them! Secondly, Afghan Government is all about Dollar Business: Corrupt to the core they are! Once again, it's easy to...
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    Pakistan ‘can’t see way forward’ for bilateral talks with India

    If diplomacy fails (And it is failing!), then I prefer force over diplomacy! This was said by Chen Qungeng, a PLA Veteran who fought the 1962 Indo-China War. But what complicates scenario is backdoor diplomatic affair of Israel & India. Israel has rats everywhere, and it's NOT difficult to see...
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    Can an Israeli missile give US Army aviation an advantage in future warfare?

    So True! In fact destruction of U.S is the primary objective of Israel. That power which travelled from Britain to U.S is now destined to be in Israel BUT FOR A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, yet DIFFICULT & TOUGH TIMES ARE AHEAD OF US! But the very foundation of Israel is ILLEGAL, it's an...
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    Why the CIA doesn't spy on the UAE

    And I hope that you are aware of the fact that during Sri Lankan & Tamil Tigers war, MOSSAD was training & equipping both the parties. This is clearly evident from the dead body of MOSSAD Case Officer brought to Israel from Sri Lanka in those times! While the whole world has acknowledged...
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    'Has UAE lost it?' Emirati plan to award Modi amid Kashmir crackdown lambasted

    Back to Idolatory and "Zamana e Jahiliaat". And they will! Let me tell you that Indians are dreaming & aspiring for the day when the Statue of Lord Shiva & Vishnu will be fixed in place of Hajar e Aswad at Baitullah Sharif! And Indians also know that Idols were worshiped at this place.
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    Today 22nd day Kashmir under curfew and world is sleeping as usual

    On Social Media like Twitter & Facebook, Endian Troll force reports every page which tries to highlight the true condition in Indian Occupied Kashmir. (IOK) This has happened with me, actually. I am trying to highlight Mass Graves in IOK, too many and scattered across whole Jammu & Kashmir...
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    India keeping watchful eyes on Pakistan-China exercise near Ladakh

    Endia keep watching please. Only watch!
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    The Murree Brewery Company Ltd

    Nice, I like their Peach Malt. But now an excellent step has been taken by Qarshi Industries to produce soft drinks free from all harmful Chemicals & stuff! Do give these natural products a try. It's always good to promote domestic industry. 40297184_255635741752417_2284052698795868160_n by...
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    Breaking: UAE Oil Tanker attacked in Gulf of Oman

    Perhaps @Imran Khan is the product of some Right Wing Sunni Exrtremist Group, supported & sponsored by the state. You do know, that these grouips were created by Pakistani Establishment to Counter Iran and specifically for Jihad in Afghanistan during 1980's. Sipah e Sahaba, Lashkar e Jhangvi...
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    Breaking: UAE Oil Tanker attacked in Gulf of Oman

    Who CIA/MOSSAD want's to KILL/REMOVE from ISI/Pakistani Military or Establishment? Hope your Intelligence is WELL AWARE of Saudi-Israeli relations!
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    Breaking: UAE Oil Tanker attacked in Gulf of Oman

    :cuckoo::cuckoo::cuckoo: And when is OUR Number? Jab Paroos mein aag lagay gee, to Tapash yahan par bhi ayee gee! Meray Bachaay! Aram say tum bhi nhi beetho gy! It is time to get united. By Ruining the entire Muslim World, way is being paved for supremacy of IsraHELL!
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    Breaking: UAE Oil Tanker attacked in Gulf of Oman


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