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  • Sir ji salams, hum Thread create kernay kay liyaya aatay hain aap pehlay hi say create ker chukay hotay hain khair better luck next time :).
    Take Care.
    keeping in view the fast growing relation ship between US ans india it has to be something from US. Boeing will have an edge with the chopper and transport plane tenders also in pipe line.

    however, if they are wise enough, they must go for different suppliers, US relations can still be kept together with Posidion, Chopper and trans port deal (C-17 and C-130), russian could be kept happy with deals in naval section and now they must go for MRCA from europe to make new ties..

    it is nothing official, just my point of view.

    i hope they go for Su-35 (highly unlikely) this would be the best for us..
    the last news i got is that they were to complete evaluation in July 2010 and short list the candidates.
    keeping in view how most of indian defence procurements proceed, the examples of LCA dn Arjun one cannot confirm any time line. not even themselves..

    one more thing i ma sure of, all these delays in every projet are not only technical, there surely are kick backs involved, much more then what happens on our side. the only thing is that there media dont makes a mess of it avoiding international embarassement
    well then, you are a bit wrong.

    most of key Archaeology sites of Gandhara civilization lies in and around taxila.
    however you are tru that it spreads as far as malakand district and in and around peshawar!
    your location,,
    it mentioned Gandhara!!

    taxila being a small city, i hoped we may well know each other..
    Bhai, its Bharati and Hindustani NOT Bharty or Hindustany. Would you like it if i kep spelling Pakistany in all my posts on purpose? I'm talking abt the deliberate misspelling.
    Good pic. I was thinking of sticking the Marines in their own thread, rather than lumping them with the Navy. A somewhat different sort of life and mission, you know.
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