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  • Exactly. You are absolutely right. Its better to go pink on cyber space than infront of Him on he last day, why did we not stop someone insulting our Leader. As for it, I hate Solomon2
    Assalam u alaikum.

    One of my favourite poster, now no where on the forum? May I know the reason behind it?
    Just curious,

    Take care,
    Sweet time.

    Aoa sir,
    In your avatar, the commando is holding a m4 and as well as g3
    I never knew you can have both at a time.
    Dear Naushad Sahib:

    AoA. It was a pleasant surprise -- hope that I can live up to the expections. Many thanks for the encouragement.

    Need your support in the comming days to keep the standards of this forum high and keep up the good work done by so many in the past.

    Well China is a pretty big country. When you've got a population like that the # of *** holes is pretty high too.

    However I think this is the first/second anti-China Chinese that I've seen on this forum. Most Chinese here are pretty patriotic.
    Nah the guy is Chinese. I could tell. There are many people from Hongkong and even mainland China who don't appreciate their own country. If you frequent Chinese forums you run into a bunch of them. The worst makes the trolls on this forum look like snow white.
    I am using photoshop but there is a procedure to carry these tests out.. I hope this can well be performed using any software. Important aspect is approach to find an image using principle of Levels found in image. If it is indeed as successful as it is appearing.. I might go and develop small desktop application for that and that will be unique application of its kind. But for now things are in the development phase.. even the approach needs fine-turning :)
    Thanks mate.. its still under trial-and-error learning. It is working for many images but not on all yet. I'm trying to improve the procedure further..
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