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  • Hahaha! Thanks a lot for the wishes bro. But as I said, I doubt you'd be seeing me on screen because as I said I work behind the scenes. Indiana Jones - Treasure Hunting and mercenaries = my job ;).

    So tell me what do you do for a profession?
    Well wherever my contract takes me to. For instance, I'm under a 5 year contract with Nat Geo for places ranging from my here in Sikkim and Nepal's mount Everest to Brazilian rain forests in the Amazon basin and Urals in Russia.

    You see those anchors talking stuff on the TV don't you? I am a part of the "behind the scenes" group on such expeditions. :). For now am free but am expecting the Ural trip soon. Depends on when they call.

    Ohh! I got it but even I don't know the name of that sport..lol. It is funnily embarrassing since I am Delhi-born and more 'Hindi' oriented than what is traditionally going on in Sikkim. There are multiple communities even in Sikkim you know.

    Staying in east especially in Kolkata you'd fall in love with football, dude. I have and am staying a significant part life in Delhi and still shuttle between Gangtok and Delhi so I like cricket a lot (football is secondary love now) LOL. Also since I am not in one place for long due to my work, I can be called all India or even global case ..hehe.

    But boss, I envy you for getting the chance to meet Baichung. I always wanted to meet him :P
    Really? Are you a football player? Great to know that! Baichung Bhutia is a pride for us--- he proved that whether from any part of the country, a person's work can get him to the top no matter what the odds are.

    I actually considered 3 careers at one time after my 12th board exams:--joining the Army special forces like my 3 cousin brothers and 2 friends, consider club football like Baichung or become an Adventurer. In the end I chose the third option as career.

    Arranging both national and international expeditions is fun. Its hard physical work but hey.. a commando or a footballer is no rosy bed comfort. ;)
    Actually i joined in April...so no...

    U ve been there for 3 months i guess..?So should be a senior by now na..?
    My last message was about thanks. I will contact you with further questions and i hope you will be cooperative as you were today....
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