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    A Tribute To ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan

    Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha was the one who lead Ops Swift Restort, the first air battle which took place after 1971 war. If you watch the videos and pictures before 27 February, he was aide with COAS in all high level meeting with military leadership and also with Prime Minister. True leadership...
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    A Tribute To ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan

    I wish Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha replace him.... Insha Allah
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    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    Hope Muhammad Haseeb Paracha, Deputy Chief of the Air Staff, Support (DCAS-S), AHQ, Islamabad will be next Air Chief Marshal of Pakistan Air Force. As he did tremendous job during Operation Swift Retort
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    Pakistan will get New Air Defence system within this Year - CAS on ARY News .

    LEONARDO RAT 31 DL: L-BAND/SOLID STATE 3D AIR SURVEILLANCE RADAR with range over 500 KM. LEONARDO has established its office in Pakistan and Italy also provided AD system before. So this time most probably from EU and from LEONARDO.
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    Pakistan will get New Air Defence system within this Year - CAS on ARY News .

    24-02-2021: Chairman JCSC calls on General Enzo Vecciarelli, Italy's Chief of Defence (CHOD) and informed Pakistan defence manufacturing sector is capable of meeting the bulk requirements of foreign customers in the select areas of medium to high end technologies.
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    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    Its Main Radar is different from PLAN Type-54/A.... Which radar PN has selected for its frigates???
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    May News 2020 Navy Naval Maritime Defense Industry POSTED ON THURSDAY, 28 MAY 2020 14:59 Damen Shipyard Group will soon deliver the Second Multipurpose Offshore Patrol vessel PNS TABUK to the Pakistan Navy. The second PNS Tabuk corvette (F-272) launched in September 2019, is expected to be...
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    New Modern Website of Federal MOIB launced - 6th May 2020 .

    Please bring HD Cameras in PTV... Still Old Times Yellow picture and make PTV news rooms and talk show sets attractive....
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    Pakistan's Own BVRAAM under Project Azm.

    No problem brother what people say because PAF doesn't consult PDF for their plans and acquisition.... Their planning and view of the analyzing the equipment is best then anyone here... So Trust your Armed forces
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    Lockheed Martin Pays Tribute To PAF F-16 Achievements !

    Do you have any picture of that entrance or shield???
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    Turkey purchased third deep sea drilling ship

    But I was reading in a newspaper about an agreement, its not clear in my mind but was mentioning that Turkey is bound under agreement untill 2023. After that Turkey will start drilling in its own territories.
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    PN to acquire twin engine jet aircraft - Tender

    In which role PN will modify this aircraft and why only 1 ???
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    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    Has PAF finalized any radar for JF-17 Block III ???

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