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    Indian Travelling To Pakistan Question

    Tripura has recently overtaken Kerala in terms of literacy. Tripura beats Kerala in literacy - Times Of India
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    Agartala Conspiracy confession, what does it mean for our history

    That amount Rs 34,229 had been measured under Constant Price. If you go by that method then Bangladesh's per capita income is 25,994 Taka under constant price. So, the result under US dollar is:- West Bengal :- $ 557 ( $1 = INR 61.5) Bangladesh :- $ 333 ( $1 = BDT 78) Bangladesh...
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    Wildlife of Pakistan

    Is hunting legal in Pakistan?
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    Taj Mahal ranked third among top global landmarks

    It's not a random picture, it's related to the subject. :rolleyes:
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    Haryana cops to drop Persian, Urdu words from FIRs

    Although, I like most of your post but here I would totally disagree with your view. If you ask a Bengali in West Bengal to replace some words (derived from Sanskrit) with Urdu then they would probably choose to die than accepting that demand. But, that doesn't mean Bengali (Hindu) in West...
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    Will Pakistan accept Indian Muslims wanting to migrate

    LoL.......those who migrated during partition are called "Bhookha & Nanga" by Pakistanis. @ at point I don't think Indian Muslim would migrate to Pakistan. Not a single Indian Muslim migrated to Pakistan during incidents like Babri Masjid & Gujurat Riot. Because they know these are isolated...
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    India’s Avro replacement fails to lift off

    With 26% FDI (since 2001 and for last 12 years nothing has happened) limit in defence it would almost impossible to attract global defence companies in this program. Currently there is strong lack of consensus about FDI in Defence between Armed forces (finance ministry also share same view) and...
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    Britain lobbies for nuclear export group to admit India

    (Reuters) - Britain has stepped up efforts to let India join an influential global body controlling nuclear exports, a move that would boost New Delhi's standing as an atomic power but which has faced resistance from China and other countries. The diplomatic tussle centres on whether emerging...
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    Bangladeshi soldier arrested by BSF for crossing border illegally.

    An intruder soldier of an elite security force of Bangladesh landed in an Indian jail after the Border Security Force (BSF) failed to hand him over to its Bangladeshi counterpart, the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). A court in Sonamura in Seepahijala district, West Tripura, sent Mohammad Milan...
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    India using drones to protect rhinos from poachers

    India has not played any major part (if any) in this project. All the credits go to Google and WWF. This actually part of WWF's Anti-poaching initiative. Google has recently donated $5 million dollar to WWF to develope conservation drone. Google puts $5M toward anti-poaching drone technology...
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    Pakistani youth favors Sharia Law over Democracy.

    Indian Muslims already enjoy Sharia Law (except criminal cases) in the form of "muslim personal law application act 1937". I personally support Sharia Law for Indian Muslims as it would open the door for harsh punishment for criminals.
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    French soldiers kill two Indians in Africa

    French soldiers kill two Indians in Africa French troops guarding the Central African Republic capital Bangui's international airport have accidentally killed two Indian citizens, the French defence ministry said. Six others were injured in the incident on Monday, a statement said. India PM...
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    India-Israel Alliance Part II: A Steady Forging of Ties

    I remember once Musharraf said Pakistan should establish relationship with Israel, and take benefit out of it. If Pakistan ever establish diplomatic relationship with Israel then it will be 2nd Muslim country to do so after Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan already started buying weapons from Israel...
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    India has become safer under Manmohan Singh.

    Of course India has become safer under MMS. 1. Safer for Terrorists. 2. Safer for Rapists. 3. Safer for Cross-border smugglers. 4. Safer for record current account deficit. 5. Safer for record fiscal deficit. 6. Safer for numerous Scams. 7. Safer for corruption. 8. Safer...

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