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    India Allows Imran Khan's Aircraft To Use Airspace For Lanka Trip

    It is better to remain in grey list than The country PM (Modi g) highlighting construction of toilets to the world on forums like UN..
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    CNN : How India, world's top vaccine maker, uses 'vaccine diplomacy'

    The bigger question is whether all Indians have been vaccinated.. The answer is NO.. So don't worry India is blue eyed bitch of US and EU against China.. They would highlight how big and powerful India is in every way they would find suitable so that Indians have this confidence to take on China...
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    Featured Project Azm: Pakistan's Ambitious Quest to Develop 5th Generation Military Technologies.

    The individual is going to be abducted by RAW rest assure if these credentials are true
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    How to rein in China without risking war is the issue Biden must address

    Yep meanwhile China will drain yanks in Afghanistan
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    Let's agree to disagree.. Say you are right then what next after shooting down 10 aircrafts. Do you think Indians would have settled down with their losses. It's a big No. The stakes were high for both sides. The decision for not taking down was right keeping in view the bigger picture. We on...
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    More Indians are commenting on DAWN on this song than on Youtube!!!

    In comment section of dawn news, it's just Indians and Indians as if it is being operated and published in New dehli..
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    Congress MP: Fortunate to have never gone to Pakistan, proud to be Indian muslim

    Yep that's y Supa powa had to deploy 1. Close to one million troops 2. Every now and then curfew in the valley 3. Curfew for last 1.5 year 4. Independent journalist and UN security councel members not allowed to enter 5. Pallet guns, rapes, fake encounters and what not.. Wow, what a striking story
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    S-400 : A silver bullet for IAF air defence systems?

    There are many answers which the general didn't reply to the best of his knowledge. I know it for sure. Rest assure India will be getting another surprise if they tried again. Just keenly observe Indians replies on any forum, they would be trying their best to psychologically overpower...
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    Bangladesh overtakes Pakistan in attracting foreign investors

    It's a new and unique trend in India and Bangladesh specially to compare everything with Pakistan. These two nations are so obsessed with Pakistan..
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    Chakdara-Timargarah Road (N-45): $49.045m loan agreement with EXIM Bank of Korea

    Is it a joke or some special rd is being constructed for Rs 90 billionn for only 39 km
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    Biden administration pauses arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE including sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets

    The Arab states have strange sense of obedience and relationships. While they would go to any extent to bow down and submissive to Israel, US and europe but in case of Muslim countries it is the otherway round. They feel pride both in case of licking shoes of west, US and Israel and shunting...
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    First Female Platoon of FC

    Some people are so naive that they want a change in one night. At least it should be appreciated that there is a female platoon in FC. Whether it is in chappals or shalwar ameez it doesnt matter.
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    And here we go.. We have very short term memory.. What is the use of that fancy toy which has so many strings attached and you have always fear of not having much use of it in a prolonged war. He is referring 27 Feb operation which was just one shortie op. Just imagine a prolonged conflict and...
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    Who are our heroes? General Tariq Khan

    Inferiority complex has no cure. You are from a breed which after listening a song or even watching a movie writes I love Islam, or offer Darood... Which has nothing to do with that movie or song and neither it is the place and occasion to preach suchthing..perfect example of sense of proportion...

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