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  • Hey i read you post in that ufo over japan serch for a thread named russians talking with alliens you will se some good stuf there
    I sometimes used to view with skepticism your posts like 'Wait for some time, you ll get to know ". Bu the recent happenings like SC bashing the Govt on various scandals make me think there might be some truth in it.

    All the best !
    Yes I’m a follower of Baba Ramdev ji and I’m extremely impressed by Rajiv Dixit ji. But if I Say myself as a member of BSA would be like “apne muh miya mitho bana”. Because the person who are members of BSA are working hard day and night to spread the ideas all across Bharat and I’m just a person who only watches Aastha channel 8-9 .All I can say is I’m a drawing room BSA member.
    Sorry for not posting your posts,was told not to.......U can see even my signature edited by them.
    yeah...its only for senior members or above :(

    BTW i dont see u much over there ?
    Pls condemn the killing of the two sisters in sopore by LET in your signature as posting articles is not allowed. They don't have the balls, but we are from Gandhi's land and we do.
    oh my god. one indian mistook me for a false flag, and u started jumping up n down.
    i thought there's a whole bashing going on by many members calling me a false flag.
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