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  • Hi bro yea I think I remember .. ALLAH ka shuker haan yaar all fine thanks. How are things with you and family brother ? I hope well.
    Yes BRO i am Fine ALHUMDULILLAH Everyone is Fine Nice seeing you after a long time
    hi....can u tell me why 2 of my threads is deleted by moderator...i m new here...or can u tell me who is moderator....
    well this guy is one of the shaheeds of swat operation......u can see his videos on you tube....his name is Captain Bilal Zafar....he cleared a hill which is now on his name in few hours and on that hill our jet fighters and artillery is shelling for week but still they cant end miscreants.....hie mother dont even drooped a tear on his death and was proud.he was a commando and from 42 Baloch regiment....
    i am from Sargodha & in Pak army....
    Hey metalfalcon, how are you doing? I'm doing fine, missed your absence and your quality posts, how did your exams go? Or are you still studying?
    Great to see you back!
    And yes, I do enjoy my stay here, however, i'm dissapointed with Omar leaving and the banning of shchinese.
    Hey metalfalcon, thanks, I am doing fine I guess.
    It seems that these days, alot of tensions and activities are on-going or arising in Pakistan, i'm trying to keep track of it all, but it's hard.
    I only hope things will go in the right direction, but it seems that sometimes, even my own people don't know what's best for them, they continue to be blind and look for the wrong systems to control and evolve our country, I fear that because of people like these, our country will continue to struggle untill we change our mindsets and realize what is best for us and what not, what comes first and what comes later, it's Pakistan first.

    Anyways, how are you doing?
    Thanks alot my friend, also, congratulations to you aswell for having the Colonel status and having reached over the 1400+ posts, great addition to PDF, seriously.
    I believe King of Fighters is a fightning game and my avatar is a person you can fight with right?
    Well I just thought it looked nice and pretty cool so I used it!
    Also, coincidence? I wanted to message you because I've read so many good posts that you put alot of effort into, so I had to pay my respects.
    I myself am good too alhamdullilah, can't complain about myself.
    I wish things looked better for our country at the current stage, we just have to wait and see.
    Also, I've thanked your posts quite alot aswell, they're excellent and you continue to push for your rights, which is awesome.

    Keep in touch, and take it easy brother.
    Hey metalfalcon, how are you brother?
    I respect the way you put your posts and how you always counter arguments aimed against Pakistan's interests.
    You are no quitter, but someone who continues to push through to get the right thing done, the justice our country deserves and needs.

    Thanks alot for that,

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