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    Woman sentenced to death in Pakistan over ‘blasphemous’ WhatsApp activity

    Just everyone should know... It's extremely blasphemous to kill someone in the name of God.
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    Pakistan says trial of Chinese traditional medicine for Covid-19 successful

    Yup, I'm stockpiling the drug at home as well. It's a good drug. As well as other drugs to increase immunity, like drugs with ingredient components of ginger, honey, royal jelly, ginseng, etc.
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    Food served up robotically at Beijing Olympics, Thousands of games-related staff to be cocooned

    This is inhuman. The idea is great, but the execution is a bit scary. It's more like automatic production line inside a factory, rather than the feeling of warm and friendly in a cafe or restaurant that we used to know and use. I think it takes time. But at least this is the first step...
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    Theranos scandal: Who is Elizabeth Holmes and why was she on trial?

    She used and fooled a lot of powerful people's money. She will be punished heavily. If it's not for those people's money, probably the case will not this heavy.
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    China Seals People's Doors, Xi'an Residents Cry For Food

    It's the Western mentality that destroyed the West themselves. So saying bad things about lockdown on other countries in the media, now when they want to lockdown for themselves, no one is listening. And the Covid-19 cases increase up to hundreds of thousands every day. So which is better...
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    Singapore Breaks Down Covid Deaths by Vaccine, With Moderna Seeing Lowest Rate

    Agree! Singapore government made a wrong decision. To make the public calm, like it or not, they must lie. All the so-called experts are actually just book experts. Since many of them are USA graduates, so no wonder what they read is from USA sources. If the source is flawed, so they are...
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    CIA-trained Ukrainian paramilitaries may take central role if Russia invades

    The source of all the problems is actually USA. Many people say this in WW3. It's a long conflict that started in Middle East, then the war keeps continues, ending with the conflict with Russia. Destroyed one-third of the world in the end. I think USA should give up the mentality of Cold War...
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    Russia’s defense industry might not survive an invasion of Ukraine

    When Russia invades Ukraine, it's the end of the modern world we know. Now it's an extremely crucial time. We are just one step away from the event told in the holy book. To think we are going to win, a big win, it's the most stupid ever in entire human history.
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    Singapore Breaks Down Covid Deaths by Vaccine, With Moderna Seeing Lowest Rate

    Pick the safest vaccine as possible. Because we are not only taking it once or twice but multiple times for the rest of our life. If the safest vaccine is not available, it's fine to pick the more dangerous one, since there's no alternative, it's better than no vaccine at all.
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    Rampant Omicron sets new COVID-19 records in US, UK, France

    What a crazy number. 800.000 a day.
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    Omicron variant has been found in Indonesia

    Last week from what I saw, a lot of people got flu. I think that is Omicron. But thanks goodness the effect is lighter than Delta variant. I think around the end of this year or the early of next year, coronavirus is nothing to be worried about.
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    Kazakhstan protests

    I completely agree with this.
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    Omicron spreading at unprecedented rate: WHO

    Speechless, half a million a day!
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    Featured Putin: Insulting Prophet Muhammad is not freedom of expression

    It means heaven is a better place than here. That depends on the knowledge and what people are believing. Some people believe our life on earth is just once, some people believe in reincarnation. But most of us want to live in a better place and we should do our best to reach there.
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    Biden has overseen 400,000 COVID deaths. By his own logic, he should resign.

    People are not thinking anymore. They just depend on their own emotion. And the politicians and media are playing with their emotions. Just watch Don't Look Up the movie, that's exactly what happened.

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