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    1. PaklovesTurkiye
      Hello, sir..

      I intend to start a online bookstore for which I need a tagline/slogan

      Which one is best among following?

      always and forever, brings your tales, order your tales, more tales the better, books are highlights, book your tales

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      3. PaklovesTurkiye
        I will sell novels and course books so, I want to pick this one -

        "book your tales"

        Is this right/meaningful?
        Aug 11, 2019
      4. Meengla
        I think it sounds good for your purposes!
        Aug 11, 2019
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      5. PaklovesTurkiye
        Done...Selected :) Thanks
        Aug 11, 2019
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    2. Starlord
      So what's going on ? I hope nothing serious ?
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      2. Starlord
        I can understand giving up Address could be dangerous you never know what kind of crazy person is reading or watching your videos . I have my concerns over living in SC as well, but I believe that living among them will make them feel less threatened , all the major attacks on Muslims happen where Muslims are in Large Number and these White nationalists thing they are getting invaded .
        Aug 7, 2019
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      3. Meengla
        Yes. While that's not the reason I live here--I have been here for more than half my life now--I think there's some merits to living in smaller towns. IMO, city people are often psychologically messed up and do crazy things in the name of whatever. Not for me! Thanks again, Starlord! Contact me when you and your wife are ready to meet us !
        Aug 7, 2019
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      4. Starlord
        Stay safe bro, and Right now I am under Administrative processing, once I come to US , I will contact you and we can arrange something :)
        Aug 7, 2019
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    3. Nilgiri
      Meengla, I did not question his right to bring up the issues on caste (discrimination is worldwide problem, just the groups and direction varies), I just said his credibility on it is damaged if he makes (same) identity politics hate on other groups at level he does. He is a mobster troll kind of person doing what he does here to get some cheap kick out of it.
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    4. Signalian
      Hey Mate, hows life :-) ?
    5. A1Kaid
      I support Apple. I enjoy their revolutionary products, their creativity and design. I do agree they have a strong fan base, why shouldn't they? What's wrong with that? Windows is a dreadful OS. Now notice how Windows 7 has copied many Apple OS X features, that is a bit revealing.

      Also don't stereotype all Apple fan-boys some are rational and some aren't. The average Apple user tends to be more sophisticated and educated than the average Windows user, now considering more users have Windows that is one reason; but Apple products are catered towards a more high end consumer base, Apple's market share is indicative of that.

      Also, as for Apple sells "over-priced items", I'll share a video of you with what Steve Jobs has to say about that.

      Check your PM for the link.

      Regards, A1
    6. Meengla
      Why? Because not only Apple sells over-priced items using clever marketing but also Apple gets hardly any criticism in the media. It is a cult and I despise cults. Apple uses false marketing--something like the US Presidential candidates use--to find real or imagine flaws in competing products. Apple's fanbois are fanatics who are always out to 'switch' other people by pointing real or imagine problems in Windows/Android/Linux systems. But, above all, I like to think that I am an iconoclast: The higher something is, the more unchallenged they are, the more it brings about the rebel in money. I believe Apple is an evil! I may even start a website about boycotting Apple and give my reasoning, including first hand accounts of how stable and good cheap Windows based computers in my house have been running for 8+ years.
    7. AcesAreDirty
      Thanks for your reply.
      Yes, I realized that you hate apple and the feelings are likewise but why was my question?
    8. AcesAreDirty
      Hi, why do you have a logo with the message, Boycott Apple products??? Please share or pm me, Thank you.
    9. NeutralCitizen
    10. Horus
      Joseph Meengla , is this where ur id comes from?
    11. sab
      I respect your views regarding Indo-Pak relation...I wish majority of us will learn to think like issue and make the world atleast the sub-continent a better place...I will be obliged if you accept my friend request....
    12. || |\| ||)) || /\\ |\|
      || |\| ||)) || /\\ |\|
      I respect your courage to post that thread man. Unfortunately this is the reason why we have so much hate, because of people who cannot accept reality and would give an all or nothing solution in exchange for peace. Hats off to you man
    13. Meengla
      Solomon, I appreciate your message! I was wondering why you did not respond to the 'Mubarak steps down' last post of mine. Your reason makes sense. Also, I am glad to see you handle the kid like @Mohd.bin Qasim in that Mubarak thread. I called this MBQ 'intellectually bankrupt' because he is now scratching his head puzzled after the dismissal of FM Kasuri when all along he thought Kasuri was an American Stooge.
      I will check out your blog before too long. You and I may share or not share views sometimes but I respect your input in this Forum. Thanks.
    14. Solomon2
      Hi, Meengla! Yes, Israelis look at the developing new Egypt with a jaundiced eye; see my blog for details: http://solomon2.blogspot.com

      P.S.: I didn't respond on the "Mubarak steps down" thread because I really like your last comment as the ending!
    15. Avatar
      Hey, I appreciate your efforts in trying to dispel propaganda against the Taseer family. I'm not Pakistani but yet I feel like the loss was my own.
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