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    Syrian Civil War (Graphic Photos/Vid Not Allowed)

    @500 I think before few years Hezbollah intervened in the Syrian Civil war, It is believed through various internet reports that they have suffered heavy casualties and lost some of their best commanders Is it true? will this have an impact on their fighting force in any future conflict...
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    Pakistan looking at Hot Pursuit options in wake of Peshawar attacks

    Instead of discussing Pakistan capabilities for a hot Pursuit in Afghanistan, The Thread is going some where else My points: a) Pakistan can conduct Airstrikes using F-16 and JF-17 Thunder fighter jets against known TTP Hideouts in Afghanistan. b) Sending in Ground Forces may not be an...
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    Obama In India!!

    There are certain Issues which have to be discussed regarding invitation of US President Visit to India a) Usually Republic Day Chief Guests travel in S-600 Mercedes Benz Pullman Guard Limousine along with Indian President, question is Will Obama use his country Cadillac Limousine or Indian...
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    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions

    Exactly those nations whom the article points out have not gone to war with their neighbors, exactly this is what we fail to learn, many people here support domestic defence products very much even at the cost of National Security. Best example is M777 artillery guns, there is no other gun...
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    Operation Zarb-e-Azb: Indian currency recovered from Miranshah

    I did not spoil the thread, if you visit previous posts, you might know who spoiled the thread. Any way, Apologizes.
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    Shooting down of Indian MiGs In Kargil

    Nice fantasy story. Any way this will be a nice addition to bankrupt lollywood but i do accept General Pervez Musharaff part to cross LOC and spend time with his troops is really an impressive one. but your story on kail sector of neelam valley as i said in my first line will be a nice addition...
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    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions

    can you explain why it wont come, here is a news link stating that Russian Air force will induct Mig-35 after 2016 http://defenceradar.com/2014/05/06/russian-air-force-induct-mig-35-fighters-2016/ Why it cant be inducted, Already our squadrons dwindling, I expect Jaguar aircraft will be...
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    Operation Zarb-e-Azb: Indian currency recovered from Miranshah

    you forgot siachen in the list, you also sent troops to occupy siachen glacier
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    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions

    Sir, but LCA delays are not acceptable, can you tell whether this scenario will work. IAF can induct LCA Mark-1 whenever it is ready, but instead of Mark II, they can go for a foreign fighter jet, because I dont have a hope of seeing LCA Mark 2 before 2020. We can buy around 50 Mig-35 from...
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    Operation Zarb-e-Azb | Updates, News & Discussions.

    Pakistan army needs MRAP Vehicles when a ground offensive starts. Has US delivered any MRAP vehicles as claimed by some members earlier ?
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    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions

    Yes your statement is absolutely right, we need to Increase our defence Budget. a) we have to finalize Dassault Rafale deal as soon as possible? can any one tell when it will be signed? Signing Dassault Rafale will completely give a edge us over Pakistan in arms race, Pakistan will be forced...
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    Narendra Modi's government kicks into gear with defence, dam projects

    We need to Increase our Defence budgets, We need to acquire Dassault Rafale Fighter Jets and M777 artillery guns ( around 500 with M9082 Excalibur Munitions). We need to Increase M777 artillery guns order from 145 to 500 due to delays in Indigenous Bofors Guns.
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    Indian Political Corner | All Updates & Discussions.

    That car does'nt looks nice, Neither SPG BMW X-5 Cars:(
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    Indian Political Corner | All Updates & Discussions.

    Congratulations to Shri. Narendra Modi for a Land slide win in Indian Elections with absolute majority. . I would like to make some suggestions a) Modi Car: As i saw in News channels and youtube.com , Modi Travels in Mahindra Scorpio car, I hope he travels in Heavily Modified Mahindra Scorpio...
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    Tamil chat

    Nalla Vishayam continue Pannunga