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  • Mr. Munshi, hope you're doing fine with the grace of almighty Allah.
    What do you think about the current situation along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. They've even brought up tanks and 37/57mm artillery guns that is said would bring Chittagong under their firing range, and also they have also deployed 12 warships along the sea border. Whats your opinion regarding this matter??
    Wish you and all around you a very Happy Eid.
    May this day bring all happiness and joys in your life.
    Looks like some of your message had been moderated. If you have my email you can directly email me
    How are you Munshi Sahib?Any idea when you will be releasing new edition of Indian Doctrine?
    Bro why would DS and Neo go around members PM? It's just making no sense to me. At least about DS. He was coolest........
    I hope so too though wondering why these guys are quitting like this. Just not making sense....
    It's crazy. I also got email from AM. I mean DS and AM was coolest and now I don't know what's gonna happen next. I am seriously concern about this forum as i just got comfortable and hoping to be around here for long time but now it seems dim.
    :) thank you how are you. Had sent you many emails. Needed data on BD water being stolen by India.

    Hope you are doing well.
    Everyone else is here, AM is just a little busy with his university work as hes ending his final semester at uni.
    Nothing is dependent on any fard-e-wahid. Our base is our policies and all that we stand on. Our power is in our members, you guys. Appreciate your comments, btw.
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