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MBI Munshi
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Feb 5, 2019
Apr 8, 2007
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Aug 5, 1972 (Age: 48)
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MBI Munshi

RETIRED TTA, 48, from Bangladesh

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Feb 5, 2019
    1. Al-zakir
      Salam Munshi Bhai
      where are you bro? How come you aren't posting in Bd thread no more? Bro your input needed in some thread....
    2. AgNoStiC MuSliM
      AgNoStiC MuSliM
      Sorry, I meant I am on hiatus for a few months. Since the decision to demote DS and Neo was not mine, please contact Asim or Webmaster for details.
    3. MBI Munshi
      MBI Munshi
      For some reason I cannot write on DarkStar's personal page so I am saying here how saddened I am at his departure. He was indeed an excellent member of this forum and will be much missed. I wish him the best of luck.
    4. SeaGull
      I do have some writings to my credit/discredit. Coming in touch with Prof Noam Chomsky of the MIT, I had written an innovative solution to the Middle East problem. And then there are others written to President Ahmedinijad for a moving towards a new world order. If these be of any interest to you I could send them to you.
      My Regards and respects
    5. SeaGull
      I should consider myself privileged to have come across you - General. And many thanks for your reply.

    6. SeaGull
      Nice to hear from you Gen MBI Munshi -
      Tell me about yourself
    7. aonjon
      MBI Munshi, thanks for the welcome. I would also like to see other Bangladeshi's, irrespective of their party affiliation or ideology support Bangladesh first & be pro-Bangladeshi. Unfortunately there seems to be too many people in the country on the payroll of other countries, whose main purpose, it seems, is to line their own or their parties pockets even if its very damaging to the nations interests.

      I have been reading your articles for a few years now, from BDSDF, so please keep up the good work. We, the Bangladeshi nationalists, very much appreciate your hard work; also don't let Indians/Pakistanis or Indian and Pakistani paid razakars detract you from this vital work.
    8. Patriot
      Munshi Sahib,
      I apologize for the bad language.I have deleted all posts.Some BD trolls really boiled my blood including Dhaka and Gormell.They are so pro india that it amazes me.India is killing BDeshis regularly at borders and yet they support India.Again, I am sorry for the bad language.
    9. Raquib
      Hello Mr. Munshi,
      extremely sorry for the late reply, please forgive me.
      You'll be happy to hear that now I have your book "The India Doctrine" borrowed from my uncle and reading with full interest. My cousin came to our house fews days ago from Uttara and bought the book on his way to Dhanmondi as he was very interested in that book after I told him about it. The book is indeed exceptional!!
    10. Kharian_Beast
      Dear Munshi,

      Id like to see you post your opinions more in the strategic political issues as well as the military if you can.

    11. sreena
      Hello amar bangal bondhu..tumi bangal ami bangali..im from kolkata..can we be friends??
    12. maktam82
      interesting posts, enjoyed reading them
    13. AgNoStiC MuSliM
      AgNoStiC MuSliM
      Munshi sahib,

      Could you post a link for the existing thread that the 'Indian proxy war in Sri Lanka' needs to be merged with?
    14. haviZsultan
      Lol u guys still trust the government. Thats good. Because I certainly have no hope in our government. Whatever has to be done has to be done by us: the people. The politicians are there for their own benefit.

      Weall have to unite under one banner and fight this information war face to face look into their eyes and be ready for their games. We are all Pakistanis and if an Indian is trying to spread propaganda it is our duty to protect our homeland. Thats the idea now.

      With 60 years of bullshit governance we have lost hope in our government.
    15. haviZsultan
      I think the main problem for both countries is our weakness in information warfare and propaganda. The Indians are damned good in these areas. There is much we can learn from them.

      I agree with you completely. The way they have been able to sell their version and most recently even put the issue of Kashmir off the charts completely proves the power of their information warfare ...

      They continue to win diplomatic victory after victory and we continue to dwell in our own stupidity. And it hurts. I love my country and i know what india says about the terrorists being from pakistan is clearly a lie but the powerlessness and weakness and lack of nationalism shown by our people seems to rule everything. The worst ppl r ones who come in power here.

      We need nationalists. We need believers in the ideal of pakistani nationalism.
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    Aug 5, 1972 (Age: 48)
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