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  • HaHaHa, very well tell truth from you about Indians, conclusion of Indian mentality, narrow mind with big mouth, hide dirty secrets reality and live in dreams of the imagination future, BlahBlahBlah, if, will, likely,etc, very boring to hear about it. I am going to visit your site, i hope i can wrote that good as you, good luck brother, i will take part of your topic about India that i know of to support you, if i need help, i will ask my only friend that is you, ok?
    Well first of all, I am no journalist. I am just an everyday, run of the mill Indian. Hence I will not be able counter your claims convincingly. All I can do is read an article and give an opinion(Which might be slightly biased).

    But I do get confused, when an article rather than being neutral and letting the readers form their own opinion , is biased it self..What should a reader do then??
    Well perhaps I am running low on common sense, but do explain how writing an article on how poor Indians are, improves the condition ppl of Pakistan...or you thinks perhaps, they are somebody else's concern?

    ohhhkkk....In your last para, you admitted the very reason... you guyz want to match Bharat rakshak in the amount of venom and hatred, they spew. Fine go ahead by all means. But all I can hope for is, perhaps a genuine Pakistani will despise your site as much as I despise Bharat rakshak for their bias.
    And by the way, nrm. if you really think we are doing india bashing, why don't you take the initiative and write an article and send it to me. I promise i shall publish. Your name will be displayed at the top of your article and I shall add the word "From India" at the end so our concerns will be ok.

    Enlighten us, where are we wrong. Or just ignore it and write on life in india, the places the problems, the politicis, write about vhp, rss etc, their training camps, your opinion about modi and his role in gujarat or whatever. What you say?
    nrn, again and again, you either doing the same mistake or I don't know whats wrong with you. 1st of all, MTT has nearly 550 articles published yet in different catagories. Out of which, my written articles would be hardly 10 or let's say 15.

    Secondly, if my area of interest is only India then I shall write only on India. It is a matter of common sense, which is missing in you. I can't write on football champion ship or kite flying exprecience in siberia. Can I?

    Secondly, just like me, If the area of interest of other writers, you found in http://www.markthetruth.com is also India only, then you would see only India only articles and not about football and kite things.

    Thirdly you must had noticed that we have many different catagories in mtt. Some of them have plenty of articles and the others are empty. Even in the catagory of Islam, we do not have much articles. That is simply because we do not have a writer yet, whose area of interest is Islam. In the Islam section, if you see India then talk.

    Forthly, You just have a brief look on quantity and quality of contributions of Indians only in this forum. And then compare both of them with one of your leading forum which is bahrat rakshak and tell me the result.yea?
    Thankyou brother for being friend of mine, i know what Indians make of, we have 65000 in my country Thailand, very bad loser, slum people with a very big mouth, never want to face reality to improve themselves, thats why they are very backward. They will never made a super power because of their narrow mind from birth. Very shameful taste too, like we ban them to drink p.., but they still drink in Thailand. Take care my brother.
    I went to your site , out of 50 articles that I was able to skim through, 33 were on India. On how India was source of all ills in Pakistan (and in some articles) US, China, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and India too.

    In rest of them, you have described how US is conspiring against Pakistan.

    But I have yet come across n article , where you sincerely condemn your past governments or the military.

    Since you are unable to condemn your own country, what give you the right to criticize another.

    You are a journalist , It your responsibility to right what is true, rather than spread propaganda and hatred in the hearts of innocent readers.

    And It seems you not alone in this noble endeavour, you seem to have a whole consortium of conspiracy theorist with you.
    nrn, go visit mtt site search my name and see how many article I wrote on india only and how much articles i wrote on Pakistan and for rest of the issues.

    Always do some search before labelling others to fit in your evils
    You say you are aware all these things. So what are you doing about them ???
    You claim to be a journalist?? So how many articles have you written on this kind stuff , which happens every alternate decade in your country??

    From your response it looks like you more "hot air" than any "substance".

    You are in forefront of every mudslinging competition against India. Yet your failure to criticize and attempt to evade any question related to ills of your army really exposes the sanctimonious projections in your articles.

    Your attempt at an insult, shows your lack of a plausible argument.

    As far as my army is concerned , I openly criticize the men responsible for such a act and the guilty should be justly punished.

    I would not mind if you are not able to reply to this , since you seem to be a very busy man and have more India bashing articles to write.

    nrn, you better check with the doctor instead of waisting my time. Only a fool in the world (you, in this case) can ignore bad things in the society. You wrote all bulshit with this thinking that I either do not aware of these or I trying to justify the bad things in Pakistan by exploring the same in India. This is true in the case of you Indians and not in our case. As far as myself is concern, I, due to lack on time, only respond to threads started by me. and do make contributions in all, disrarding about whome the article wrote. So better look some one of your type for tit for tat fighting. I am not the right one.
    Ok its open again...but i would rather you express your opinion here..would not want to give the Mods a reason to delete our hard work ??...would we now??
    I raised this question in thread " Sexual harassment by Indian Army " unfortunately the thread was closed before you could reply .

    "Mr MarkTheTruth....Your concern for my country is heart warming..for that I guess no Indian has thanked you yet???..Ok let me be first one.
    "Thank You"

    I used to wonder what kind of person, would ignore what is happening in his own country, while trying to project another in bad light.

    Now I know, It is because, you find it very hard to assimilate the events transpiring in your country and have no means to control them so you try to find solace in the phrase " hey my neighbour is no better".

    Since you claim to so self righteous on this subject, I would really like to know what your thoughts on certain other matters.

    lets see, how many men were murdered , women raped, children orphaned in genocide ordered by General Tikka Khan(Operation Searchlight) and his cronies in East Pakistan. I would really like to be educated on their fate.

    What is you opinion on fate of Gen Zia ul Haq after after got rid of your first elected prime minister in two decades, through a judicial execution.

    And then got your country involved in war, which was not your to fight, the fruits of which you are reaping now as blast every alternate weak in your country and all this at behest of a few dollars

    What is you opinion on the fates of of Gen Ayub Khan, Gen Yahya Khan after they ruled Pakistan with impunity for nearly a decade and lost half your country's territory.

    And last not the least what are your thoughts on Gen Musharraf , who nearly insitgated war, without taking your elected Prime minister
    in confidence resulting in decimation of an entire infantry brigade ,country's humiliation on international front and failure of peace talks.

    As if this was not enough, he went on cease power through a military takeover and then drew Pakistan in a quagmire, that it can neither swim out off nor drown in one and is slowly and steadily eating your country from within (hint - WOT).

    For me all these crimes are much worse than the one being discussed ( Sexual harassment by Indian Army), but that is just me ..WHAT DO YOU THINK ???"
    Do not post flaming comments to Indians in that thread or any thread as it will forced admins to close it and all your hardwork will be wasted :) just ignore them if they try to make you angry. Just try to post logical data in reply
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