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  • That's good thinking brother :)

    I say, we all burn our passports and return to our mother alive and active, rather than comming back just cause you want to be buried there (OLD AGE). This suggestion was by RAPTORX727 (I hope his nick is al'right).

    For instance, take this teenage girl who is my friend. She is just 16. Used to live in Jeddah, and her dad was a doctor. He got lung cancer and then came back to Pakistan. Tragically, he died when she was some 13 and had younger siblings too. And his brother, was killed by MQM. Tragic it all is.

    How cruel can they get? According to my informants in the ISI, they arressted a target-killer. He confessed that, MQM guys kidnapped his family and gave him the weapons and targets. Told him to kill them to save his family. What can he do then??

    We all may hate Zardari for corruption, but he can never beat Altaf Hussain in massacres and murders.
    Hope you liked it :D

    Anyways bro, what are you plans for the Eid?
    We (Pakistan's Defenders on cyberspace) are gonna stay 24/7 on the Forum or gonna give some time to family as well? I suggest shutting down the servers of WDN for a week! Will help countless families in having a great eid :P
    I bet you didn't read the post I gave you..!!

    Same here. Just a cover to hide his face and get more time to think about a comeback.
    Thank you Sir---It's really very dangerous for the security of pakistan---can our radars can detect objects of tehse size? :/
    wats ur personal view , what would pakistan had contributed?Obviously that should be where pakistan is better than china
    Thanks you Sir it's pleasur to be your friend and i love reading your post :)
    hello, in present times of despair, we need to project every little positive about our armed forces. this will surely help improving he image of military in eyes of national and international community.

    these day, the military is busy in helping the flood effected people in Sindh. i have started a thread to cover the event. it will be really nice if you can take out some time and visit:


    a bit of your appreciation and contribution regarding this event is required.

    thanks in advance!
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