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    French warships arrive in Indian waters for joint exercise with Quad navies

    If china don't want these island sinked then don't build it , simple.
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    Pakistan not invited by Joe Biden to "Climate Summit" while Turkey, Israel, China and others were

    So basically 40 inflential and important nations that matter were invited.
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    Featured QUAD is unrealistic to be NATO

    Lot of non-sense has gone in this thread it will be not worth it to counter it line by line. But its laughable when someone stupidly asks question repeteadly will US fight for india. That person dont have brain enough that when india has not faught for US, and there is no such treaty signed for...
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    India-Pakistan begin Indus water talks in New Delhi

    March 23, 2021 10:40 A seven-member Pakistani delegation led by the countrys Indus Commissioner Syed Muhammad Meher Ali Shah began the annual Permanent Indus Commission meeting with his Indian counterpart, an official said. The Indian delegation is being led by PK Saxena who will be joined...
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    Featured Secret India-Pakistan Peace Roadmap Brokered by Top UAE Royals

    Why should arab take you for granted in first place to fight their war. Goes to show what they consider you. They dont expect this from any other soveriegn nation in the world. They give that much respect to every other nation.
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    Featured Secret India-Pakistan Peace Roadmap Brokered by Top UAE Royals

    Bilateral ? Nothing of that will happen. And your military knows this. What different this time is that its your military that has taken the first step while imran is still in quarantine. Ofcurs imran has his green signal too i guess. From indian perspective since its your military keen for...
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    Featured Secret India-Pakistan Peace Roadmap Brokered by Top UAE Royals

    After article 370 pakistan was screaming now no talks. Even the envoys were removed. What changed now that pakistan has gone on backfoot ? You see india still have revoked article 370 and occupy kashmir, nothing has changed for india.
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    India to participate in anti-terror drills in Pakistan

    Pakistan may be ready to give up on kashmir for peace but i am not sure modi govt is ready to give up on AJK and GB. That will be still on table to discuss.
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    Insults fly as Biden locks horns with Russia and China

    Amount of masturbation and self declared victories in this thread is appalling.
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    Muslim Mob attacks Dalits in Delhi Sarai Kale Khan

    And what is wrong in getting equated with Dalits ? Can you explain.
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    Featured Truth about Covid vaccine coming to Pakistan from India

    Dont tell fancy stories that pakistan can write letters to reject it. State only facts here, so far pakistan has not made any such statements, neither wrote any letters. Rather its waiting for consignment to arrive. Imran is on record to say that other countries should help his country in corona...

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