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  • bro it seems i am the most hated in this forum lol. i am being attacked on almost every thread :/
    ami seta purbei bakto korechi,je ami ki.tothapio bolchi,aponar gatobbotar proyojone ,ami dhakaiya sayed and from dhaka nabab family.asha kori aponar somohu,jiggasser uttor prodeyo hoe giyeche.
    with regards
    syed naved mostaque
    I empathy with you on some of the hardliner Indian brothers posting derogatory info about BD, the best thing to do is to ignore rather than go in a tug of war with them.
    Kindly the next time you post/open a new thread, do post some thing that promotes friendship and botherhood in Asia rather doing tit-for-tat for some thing posted on other forums.
    Lets look for a brighter future rather than fooling ourself dwelling ourself in the past
    Hi, you mention some womans womb being cut open in india, i believe you are referring to the widely reported event in gujarat riots. In case you have not followed, that incident has been discredited and proven to be propaganda. However, the pregnant woman did indeed die.
    Hello, I'm glad to get in your friend list, thank you. I like that you can you can talk logically against anyone, and sometimes you can find out nicely those points which others miss. I may disagree with you sometimes as you know even we have strong logics but we have different ideologies, ways of perception and choices. So even I'll talk against you then do not mind and do not forget to fight with me.

    Thanks again.

    : )
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