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  • Pls condemn the killing of the two sisters in sopore by LET in your signature as posting articles is not allowed. They don't have the balls, but we are from Gandhi's land and we do.
    Hi, yeah Spark is trying to convince me too, but as I told him, I am already in several forums and prefer international forums more, than purely Indian.
    Dhanyawad, profile pic Shri Benny urf SpArk yanchya saujanyane.

    Sadhya kaahi specialized trools ni yethe dhumakool ghatla aahe. Yaapeksh tikde hawaaman far changle aahe.

    In short, I concur! :)
    Mitra, mi tithe baryach diwasanpaoon aahe. Maatr post karat naahi. Tikade lawakarach punha active hoin. Manah purvak dhanyawaad! :)
    Thank you very much. I know this song was sung originally by Lata Mangeshkar. I do have this particular song. But I was looking for this song sung by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. Is there a version sung by Pt Joshi? I remember listening to his voice singing this song, but it was a long time ago- I may have been mistaken. Have been looking for that particular version since. Please do let me know if Pt Bhimsen Joshi sang this song, and if yes, please, if you have a copy send me one. Thanks.
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