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    1. Windjammer
      PAF doesn't go about publicising and chest thumping on every little incident. Although i did read about the incident soon after the Kargil conflict, however detailed info was shared by one of the PAF officers who participated in the hostilities.
    2. Solomon2
      Sorry, but the mods have kicked me out of the TacNuc thread.
      1. MadDog
        Buddy cuz you talked about weird fantasies of yours, we have to remain realistic when analyzing anything in international relations, mods had to do it, try joining a BDSM forum, your fantasies would be much appreciated there :D
        Apr 28, 2016
    3. MastanKhan
      That comment about the wife was uncalled for---
    4. Solomon2
      Thanks for your response today. Unfortunately the mods banned me from the thread! Will request they fix ASAP.
      1. MadDog thanked this.
      2. MadDog
        Are you referring to the thread in which I posted info for Pakistani christian channels ?
        Nov 12, 2015
    5. Daneshmand
      From Iran. I did not post there, since it is not relevant to discussion at hand and on several occasions on several threads, other members were asking the same. But I have traveled in Pakistan, so I know abit about it :)

      Have fun!
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      3. Daneshmand
        Ur welcome. Well, I seen afew cities, Karachi, Queta, Lahore, Islamabad and Pendi. What you were studying in Canada and which city?
        Apr 16, 2015
      4. MadDog
        I was a business major specializing in Finance, in toronto, york university, now I'm back in lahore, preparing to take civil services exam to join the bureaucracy of the country , what about u?
        Apr 17, 2015
        Divergent thanked this.
      5. Daneshmand
        Wonderful. Well, I am a physician. No bureaucracy for me! I would rather stay with what I do.
        Apr 18, 2015
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    9. Abu Zolfiqar
      Abu Zolfiqar
      LoLLLLLL guud one bro. You are on a roll today!
    10. AgNoStiC MuSliM
      AgNoStiC MuSliM
      Hi there.

      A request - please don't start a new thread when all you are doing is asking a question. Put questions and information related to the Buner operations in the Operations in Dir and Buner thread please.

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