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    PTI Azaadi March 2022: Updates and Discussion

    Bajwa and every General supporting his decisions. The mess he just created will take decades for Army to get out of if they are able to stop IK. He had single handedly not only hurt army as an institution and Pakistan as a country. Forget about Ayoub and Yahya, he is the one who will be...
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    Safety Advice for Azadi March

    A brilliant guide, may I suggest few things - Download Googlemaps to your handphone, as there is an option of offline maps available. Ideally carry an extra handset but keep it turned off with Google maps downloaded to it. - Keep a power brick or backup chargers in case need arises. - Carry...
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    Why Gen Bajwa Called MBS?

    If you believe such nonsense, I got a bridge to sell to you.
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    Pak Army is ready to defend this govt as per constitution: Geo News anchor Muneeb Farooq

    They had been always like that, the only thing that matters now are we gonna be like Egyptian public or try to carve our own way for once. I am sorry but I have little to no hope from Punjab and Sindh. The only people who have stood behind IK resolutely are from KPK. So the real battle will be...
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    PTI Azaadi March 2022: Updates and Discussion

    Yawn, a patwari showing his intellectual level. Carry on, after all keemay ka naan bhi to milay ga tumehin.
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    Constable killed during illegal raid at PTI leader's home in Model Town

    Not just him but along with those who installed this regime.
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    PTI Azaadi March 2022: Updates and Discussion

    Yes please pat yourself on the back for removing a twitter account making fun of a clown who had been installed as a PM of this forsaken country.
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    PTI Azaadi March 2022: Updates and Discussion

    Yup, from the looks of it. IK made a mistake by not announcing march date in Multan, lets see how dearly Pakistan will pay for it. KPK and its people are the ones that might shake the foundations of this corrupt system, have no hopes from Punjab or Sindh.
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    I’ll always prioritise Pakistan interests - Imran Khan

    Bajwa and his extended tenure has been a huge disaster for Pakistan and its people. He have brought us all to the brink of disaster, in fact we are already passed beyond point of disaster. Either IK wins or I hope we head towards a default so the people of Pakistan can get out on streets and...
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    I’ll always prioritise Pakistan interests - Imran Khan

    But bhai what about Neutrals farm houses in Belgium and green cards!
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    2021: Corps Commander Conference held at GHQ - ISPR

    Kambhaktoon ney band baja diya hai puray mulk ka, and now they are doing these shenanigan's.
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    Govt wants establishment to endorse IMF conditions at an NSC meeting or it will step down

    This is nothing but topi drama, both are in it together. They are putting up this smoke screen to get IK to back down, but lets see. 25th is the date, either we survive as a country or forever we will be surrendered to slavery of corrupt elites. These corrupt generals sacrificed the whole nation...
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    Interest rate increase to 13.75%

    Congratulations to the whole nation, once again Neutrals proved their utter incompetence and inability to do course correction. Well done oh you great planners. Such a self inflicted wound that will set us back 50 years if we are lucky, this situation is nothing short of a Greek tragedy. Sir...
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    The film ‘Javed Iqbal’, which was banned in Pakistan, got two awards in UK

    What! Seriously are you mentally handicapped or is there some other issue with you? Your accusations are hilarious by the way, first learn to spell and get to know some grammar that might save you from writing such embarrassing nonsense. But carry on moonah.
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    Who decided this clown to be Prime Minister of Pakistan.

    The same guys who are again trying to conquer their people, but bow down in front of India. The so called neutrals.

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