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  • thats no long term planning...ACTUALLY.... anyways if you read the news, it clearly shows there is actually no need for it....
    yar do read the article, the civil administration is ready to take the charge, but somehow, military wants to establish its permanent basis there, for what when Peace has been restored ?
    Good to know you are Pakistani as well my bro talk to you soon my man.

    A bit late pal ... but never to late i guess.. Iam adult and i only reacted in the manner there was needed there is no joke when it comes to stuff such as what you wrote anyhow no worries i always have been matture hope you stay the same pal and yes hope you stay safe as well. I have nothing against anyone nor any nation specially yours infact if you will see many of my post if not all you shall see that iam prob one of the few that are all for friendship and peace between both Pakistan & India and its people ttyl PAL.

    I will report your post next to the mods watch your self and show some respect to others and mind your own damn business what you said today is a attack towards me which might be a laugh for you but will be rememberd watch your self around here.
    You got a fuc_ken problem with me? why are you writting gay there is not girl here and iam sure iam much older then you plus been on this fourm alot longer then you show some respect i didn't disrespect you so don't do it to me otherwise i will really show you who is the man here.

    Hi ...just passing through .....

    I noticed your responses in the " Funny Cartoon thread "....your replies to what was quite a troll bait and several inflamatory posts was remarkably restrained . Pray accept my apologies over what happened there and hope you continue your good posts .....
    regards ,

    Urbanized Greyhound ....
    Dr. Abdus Salam was a great man. However, fanatic people in Pakistan labelled him an Ahmadi. Even if he was an Ahmadi, sect comes afterwards and your accomplishments come first. Ask the mullah team, what are their achievements beside having nick names like 'halwa' 'maulana diesel' etc etc
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