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  • Whichever suits you better. Either in a PM or on the thread if i did came across it again. Thx
    Sir, may i ask what are you talking abt ?? Which counter argument ?? Related to what thread or post ??

    Msaint bro,i understand your attitude towards india.....but it would have been wise of you if you refrained using words like 'baboonish, while adressing indians in your post......do you honestly believe all indians,hindus are the same?.....dont sound like a racist bro......i request you....regards
    hello sir, i like to inform you that i like your posts very much. dear sir can you be kind enough to me to answer a question which is, what were your stance during the war of 1971?? were you a staunch supporter of the formation of bangladesh or you supported the unity of east and west wings of pakistan??
    Hi m-saint,just read your reply to gdp prime......i'm pm-ing this to you as i dont want to derail the topic there in your thread.....,...----bangladesh was created in 1971,whereas india with west bengal being a part of it was created in 1947,from 1947 to 1971 is a long time,in which bengalis of wb were very much active in indian politics and indian patriotism become very much part of us..........india didn't divide pakistan but helped the bangladeshis to achive freedom which is what bangladeshi people wanted......,and at that point of time,the idea of wb joining bd was out of question and naive,after so many years being indian and living indian..........given a chance in past bengalis of wb was very much for united bengal,when india as a nation didn't exist,see 1905 and following events.........as of now,bangladeshis may hate us ,they may love us.......it is your choice,but as of me i still care for bd........may not be as much i love india,but still i love seeing bangladeshis prosper and bd growing!
    Thanks for your inputs,dada,i respect your inputs,islam as a religion means no harm to anyone,infact no religion does,but extrimism,obsession and individual activities surrounding islam makes it look unidealistic,the enforcing of sharia law in SWAT has made the whole aghast.........islamic brotherhood is fine ,but many posters here are obbessed with it,iranians are iranian first,indonesians are indonesians first,so why risk your nation in name of islamic brotherhood? regarding secularism,being a secular state i feel sends a positive messege to the religious minorities of a country,it shows your respect to their religion and their beliefs and i think bd wouldnt like to lose any of its nationals on religious cause.Lastly, i had a belief that bangladesh is a country for the bengalis and their culture,but some bd members with a non-bengali background here are trying to finish the bengali culture as a whole infact the bengali language,do you need that? Does 'bangla'desh need that? thnx
    Selam dada,apnar postta porlam.......ekta prosno korshi jodi kichu mone na koren.......apni ki bangladesh-ke bangalider desh(orthat secular) hisebe dekhte chan na ekti ideal muslim state hisebe dekhte chan?? Eparer bangalira oparer hindu somprodayer sonkhya krome koma nie khubi chintito........tai arki.........opare ki ar ager moto hindu-muslim bived ache?? Koutuhol jaglo......dhonyobad.
    Dear M_Saint,

    You will find a tab saying 'About Me' on your profile page. Click that and you will see a list of items with a pencil icon. Click the icon next to 'Country Flags' and 'Location' and edit accordingly.

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