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  • Hum class 11 science may par raha hu. Waisa to mera aaj exam that mats ka aur kal chemistry hai par hum yaha bakar kamm kar raha. Lagta hai ki hum PDF ka addicted ho gaya.

    Iska matlab tum itanagar may nahi? Dekh kar acha laga ki AP ka bhi koi PDF may hai. Kiya aur AP ka yaha hai.
    Abh hum IG park k samna hu. Nittivihar may. Hum kingcup school may par raha hu tum kaha parta hai
    Hi. Kiya tum such may Itanagar may rahata hai? Hum toh mob I aur nitivihar ka beach may rahata hai aur tum kaha rahata hai.
    what happened in Iraq is the same attitude, that we are incapable of questioning our humanity.
    I really wish that god should have never given us the 6th sense to think, bucause we do not think for the betterment of the human race, but we go the opposite direction to destroy the planet as we know it.
    1) we wage wars, kill human life
    2) we pollute the waterbodies to make some $ and do not think about what planet we create for the future generation
    3) we have a heart full of desire that never ends and has no bottom to be filled.
    yep we can do that in our planet, but not is some ones planet.
    this is not selfishness but selfcenteredness.
    The movie might have been unrealistic, but the concept that we humans do not stand for what is right is correctly portrayed in the movie.
    and the hero is not a traitor, but one who stood for what is right. i think that it is in human nature to behave inhumane to get what he wants.
    I don't know why you have the movie "Avatar" but it sure says the attitude of man to kill the natives of a land to get what they want
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