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    Egyptian Armed Forces

    I think the Meteor is way more expensive. India purchased 493 MICA Missiles for $1.3Billion in 2012! So approx $2.6Million per round, although the composition of the RF and IR version is classified. MBDA signs Indian ASRAAM contract
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    Indian Navy News & Discussions

    View from the Hensholdt Optronic Mast of the Indian Navy U boat (Image credits to @ThingsNavy on Twitter)
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    Indonesia Defence Forum

    Impressive Corevette, the crew complement is really great at just 80 as per wiki, indicates very high automation levels The Indian Navy OPV, INS Sharada despite displacing similar weight, needs approximately twice the crew complement.(Not Apples to Apples but still interesting)
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    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions-[Thread 2]

    Superb image by Raghav Kidambi on Twitter! #4 in the FOC line
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    Indian Army News & Discussions

    Great shots shared by the Southern Command from an interesting exercise
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    Indian Navy News & Discussions

    Great shot of the Indian Navy MiG-29K about to perform a Ski Jump Takeoff from The Vikramaditya Classed as an "Air Dominance Fighter" by the Navy, the jet with twin RD-33MK Sea Wasps at full power propelling the 20+T behemoth to takeoff in under 100m (The Pilot is wearing the Thales TopSight-E)...
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    Indian Air Force News & Discussions

    40 foreign military attaché's on a tour of Hatzor airbase of the Israeli Air Force, November 2020 Group Captain Sundarmani(?) on the far Right Credits to reddit user AkbarZip
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    Egyptian Armed Forces

    Good negotiating by Egypt if true!
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    Indian Air Force News & Discussions

    From the scary world of Test Pilots Credits to: https://twitter.com/blueskiespod1 The podcast channel has great interviews of IAF veterans, must listen for great stories. Another one for history
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    Myanmar Defence Forum

    RIP to the crew Allegedly downed with a Chinese FN-6(stolen from Tatmadaw?) Don't see any evasive maneuvers/flares(if equipped) so the crew had no idea of an IR seeker homing onto them Any idea on the helicopter type?
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    Indian Special Forces

    The transport was provided by the IAF Spec Ops C-130J-30 KC-3809 from the "Raiding Raptors" (Eastern Air Command asset) Image credit to the Photographer/Jetphotos
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    Egyptian Armed Forces

    India got the R-77 when even RuFAF was using R-27 versions.The MiG-21 BISON upgrade from the late 90s introduced the weapon and India purchased the weapon from the Ukraine. RuFAF started using the R-77 just a few years ago. I doubt EAF is using the RVV-AE as it is not even (mass-)made in...
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    Indian Special Forces

    @Unknowncommando Nice to see your posts again. Thanks for the great images.

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