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  • Not really regarding what you said about the PA Special forces with top-attack ATGM's.PA isn't going for Javelin neither do I think they will be sold those.All the ATM's they have as of now are dedicated heavy ATGM which require a tripod to launch and are heavy t be transported by SF they aren't as light as the Metis-M, FGM-148 Javelin, Spike SR and Spike MR.

    Also I think armour formations are always accompanied by BMP-2's and do have infantry protection.

    BTW I am not in the services neither am I aware as to how armour formations in the IA operate.Whatever I have posted cannot be taken as credible.
    I am not quite sure about the C4ISTAR and battlefield network capabilities of the T-90S.I don't think so they can be upgraded with these capabilities.Although the Arjun can be and is getting these capabilities.

    Don't know about the T-72's being upgraded by the Israelite.Do you know of something regarding this?
    Yes I meant the Arjun is better than the T-72M1's that we have in service and also to the T-90S.Athough the Arjun would benefit a lot from a newer CIPS and an APS system as well, I am sure DRDO is working on them on the Mk.II variant.

    I am not quite aware as to why they go for export models when they could go for the top of the line model the Soviets and now Russian use.We can be the first export customer of the MiG-29 but still only get export models of the T-72's and SA-6's strange.

    The problem you talk about is inherent on bot the T-72 and T-90.Western Tanks have ammunition stored in turret bustle and have blow out panels so the crew has relatively higher chance of escaping alive if there is a penetration or a cook-off.The Object 188M T-90M rectifies this problem and has a turret bustle with the autloader in the turret bustle itself.
    Indeed they are.The initial batch of 300 or so we bought in response to PA buying the T-80UD came with cast turret, Kontakt-5 ERA, no cross wind sensor,no Shtora-1,no AC and no Shtora laser receiver.The ones we are license producing at Avadi have welded turret and Kaktus Era and again without any crosswind sensor, AC and Shtora-1 System and laser receiver.

    The T-72M's are probably the worst no ceramic composites insert in the armour, no radiation lining and inferior optics.We could have gone for T-72A's which are vastly superior to the T-72M's that we had and later maybe even the T-72B's with heavier frontal armour and Svir launching capability.Also as Prasun Gupta says the T-72M's turret was penetrated by the upgraded 105mm gun on the T-55 during trials when it was bidding with the AMX-40 and Chieftain 900.

    "INS Delhi, INS Mysore and INS Mumbai are fitted with the Rafael Barak point air defence missile system. Barak has an eight-cell vertical launch system and the missile command-to-line-of-sight (CLOS) radar guidance with a range from 500m to 10km. INS Mumbai is being fitted with the missile systeM."

    lol, what can we do?

    Just don't quote his posts, and don't reply in a harsh way, coz' the MoDs will be targeting us. you always have an option to ignore that retard.
    i had exams going on. so i was inactive. and yes i am member of xbhp though not active now....
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