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  • There are some proves for Kh 59 in IAFs inventory for the MKI, but I can't say which versions. Brahmos is mainly an anti ship missile, that was converted for land attack too. In both roles it offers much advantages with the points you already mentioned and the lighter version that will be developed for Rafale, Mig 29K and most importantly for FGFA, can be used by MKI in higher numbers too. Till then Kh 59 will be a good addition for heavy attacks, but I still hope for Scalp at upgraded Mirage and Rafales. Long range deep strike capability is important for IAF and we need a good alternative to the MKI in this role too.
    Hi, no according to the Mig website Kh 31 and 35 are the biggest weapons for the Mig:


    The Kh 59 was shown on some air shows, as possible weapon for the Migs and air launched Klub missiles were also offered, but both were not integrated yet. Recently there were reports about the future lighter version of air launched Brahmos to be integrated into Rafale and Mig 29Ks. If that's true, it will give the Migs credible fire power, otherwise it will remain very limited at heavier weapon configs.
    I have a short bottle silencer for my 535 which cost me some 600 odd bucks. When I see how young Enfield owners are getting ripped off for silencers costing 2 K and more, I don't know whter to laugh or cry:-)
    Anyway, like we don't put salt in soup till we taste it, don't think of changing the bazooka co. silencer for the 1st 6 months(minimum) of owning your bike. You might even like the original pipe. Don't be hasty in changing to the upswept pipe.

    Try to avoid getting distracted into buying a bunch of things that you don't need really, save the money for the important things like getting the bike into perfect shape.
    The photo of the green bike is nice, I can see what you are aiming for.
    BTW, how did you send me that picassa link? Was it the defence.pk gmail? How did you register for it?
    bhai maine naya threa khola hai ...kindly post here.is it possible in near future @ world affairs
    You know, the color silver is actually the best looking Enfield TB in my opinion. If I were you, I would leave it untouched for some time at least. Have you seen the photo of my current Lightning 535 on that Enfield owner's thread? The only mod that I would recommend initially is changing the handlebars to a 'RD 350' handlebar. The top long distance riders do it, and I can see why. The co. handlebar is not ver practical and comfy. The RD bar changes it beautifully.
    If you must change the color, why be ripped off by the dealer? You can easily sell the company tank, tool box, mud guards, etc. and buy/exchange some 2nd hand tank, tool boxes, etc. and be left with enough cash to change the paint scheme.
    Gear sounds excellent, I have always worn a helmet since I was 16 and on a Bajaj M-80 and I can swear by the safety provided.
    Wow, congratulations!!!! What color is it? Make sure you inspect the bike very thoroughly be4 taking delivery. RE is notoriously the worst in Initial Quality.
    The UCE engine is a vast improvement on the Cast Iron in many ways, the most crucial being the oil circulation. Lots of excellent info on Team BHP. Can I ask what the final on road price in B'lore is?
    What's your avatar & why ...who's got the best avatar on PDF@ members club

    post here, Thanks
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