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  • There's no witch hunt against the Indians. Trolling has no nationality and religion :). We're against them all, and committed to maintaining our standards of quality discussions.
    Hi there, can you please specify which thread we're talking about here? Last time I checked, I was debunking the others, not fighting them.
    Futhermore, don't be so naive, I'm sure your Govt. sponsors some dodgy things. You just can't trust everything one's Govt. states about itself.
    well, the first troller gets my ENTIRE side mad so I'm just standing up for us, the same as what you're doing right now. I don't see a problem. Sometimes, you just can't fight fire with water, you got to fight fire with fire so you can't just make it faster and deprive it of Oxygen which in the end, resolves the problem. Hope you understand. Go on MSN by the way, resolve things there.
    1) I did specifically mention the -ve comments made in my last post which wasn't -ve, as per request by you.

    2) No need to delete the NASA post, shows other people my US patriotism

    3) I apologize for the other posts, they were in response to "Adreneline"
    yeah, will do, I'll come around to it. As a matter of fact, discussing matters here is undeniably inconvenient, how about taking a quick visit on MSN to have a cordial chat between civilized persons huh? What do you say?
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