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    1. Zabaniyah
      Please contribute!
    2. integra
      It would be better if you could get rid of your
      unnecessary vaabs
      and start posting again.
    3. monitor
      no way sir you should continue and enlighten us with your rational discussion .
    4. monitor
      welcome to forum after a long break i think .
    5. Joe Shearer
      Joe Shearer
      I responded - I was forced to respond - to some very nasty messages although I am not technically a Bangladeshi. How strange that decent Pakistanis are willing to acknowledge their faults and are willing to put out a hand of friendship, but the youngsters bark and growl like dogs. It is unbearable to human flesh and blood.
    6. eastwatch
      Its a long time since you have sent the welcom message. Thanks for that. But, I do not see you much in PDF now-a-days. What has happened to you?
    7. Maira La
      Maira La
      hey leon.. did you get my pm? the user cp is acting weird =D
    8. CaPtAiN_pLaNeT
      Thanks for adding me... :)
    9. Iggy
      hey did you see how Argentina performed hahahhahaha ??hey you have MSN id?pm me if you have ;-)
    10. sab
      Jes Rehman played for Pakistan too. But India failed to bring NRI Indians to play for national side which could have created some enthusiasm here. BTW most prominent South Asian origin footballer was Vikash Dhorasu who played for France in last World Cup.

      Main problem here is lack of professionalism in federation as well as in the clubs. Clubs like Mohanbagann is 100 years old. Still they do not have own ground (forget stadium and other facilities). None of the clubs make any serious effort to bring up young footballers. Except Tata Football Academy we do not have any dedicated institute.

      And most of Kolkata players are not fit for national team. Even in Kolkata clubs you will find very few Bengali players in first eleven. Manipur is now now supplying maximum footballers in the I-league as well as the National team.

      It is also sad Popularity of football is also decreasing in BD too. Like West Bengal Cricket has become more popular there too.
    11. Iggy
      Forewards will be a big issue for Brazil.dunno may be some star will rise from their side this worldcup and about Argentina i think its a good team..with messi in good form , Tavez in foreward and pretty average mid and foreward players i think we can life the cup :D
    12. sab
      Football administration is pathetic in India. No trace of professinalism. Thanks to Bob Houghton we had some successes in Nehru Cup. India won twice defeating Syria in final. But still we are not in top 100. Sunil Chetry did not get the permit to play for Coventry City even after his selection just because of poor ranking of India. Now comes the sadest news....he he...in our national team there is no Bengali footballer other than GK Subrata Paul. Hai re Kolkata...Mecca of Indian football.........
    13. Iggy
      hahaha..i know Argentina wont last..but i do have a feeling that its their worldcup..I hate brazil because they gave me a lot of hope last time and disappoints me..i thought Ronaldinho and Kaka nailed it..but damn them ..
    14. Iggy
      Dirtymind :P sorry to disappoint you its a boy ;-) ..lolz..hws u bro..me rocking..I am going with Argentina this time ..what about you ??
    15. sab
      All Asian and African teams...he he,,

      Actually I like Spain also. Their short passing is more attractive than the skill of the Latin Americans. I do not know why we bring coaches from UK or Germany. Their style is so different. Players in the subcontinent can never immitate them. It is better if we try to play passing football like Spain. Have you noticed most of their players are like our players in size.....
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