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  • Aryan bhai ! Are you angry at me ? I was just putting my views across ! I'm sorry if I said anything that offended you in the process.
    Aryan bhai, a question, if you will : Do you know of or can you name a single 'Buttt' who died for Pakistan whilst serving in the Armed Forces ? A shaheed from amongst the 'Buttts' ?
    well i don't even care about the world! they stood against us for 33 years, let them stay for another thoousands of years, because at this time we have enough power to stop our enemies no matter what theu say but it would be a party for iranians!! as we are having one in our military forum :)
    the good thing is that he is the second one in 4 years :D he killed just 400 iranians!!!!
    i have a very nice news: NAIEF the prince of KSA ( and who would become the king future) DIED!
    some new was revealed yesterday:
    turkey is becoming the center of anti - Iranian separating groups ! they want to remove Kurdistan , Azerbaijan from iran! that show their nature! and these days their media are showing the news of these groups ! and the cool thing is that their base is in ANKARA and most of the members are turkish :O
    i don't know why our neighbours sold themselves out to the Zionist and USA or NATO... sad :(
    Yup, thats what my Grandfather said as well that we were originally Hindu Brahmin but he also used to speculate that perhaps (and this is a big perhaps) that we were originally of semitic descent because of the color of our skin, because of many hebrew words (according to him) in the Kashmiri language and because a few places in Kashmir named after (or corruptions) of biblical locations. Khair...I dunno how much of that is true...perhaps not much !

    Aryan, I know that Kashmir should be a part of Pakistan...otherwise I wouldn't want to identify myself as a Kashmiri ! What I'm asking is that you being in the UK must be exposed to Kashmiris from the Indian side....what is their perception of Pakistan ?
    Hey, Aryan bhai, I've got two questions that I'd be much obliged if you answered :

    1) Whats the etymological basis for our surname ? What does it mean ? And why the difference between Buttt and Bhat; I've always understood it to be thus : those Bhats who converted to Islam choose the name 'Buttt' instead of Bhat.

    2) If you've met the Kashmiri diaspora in the UK, what, in your opinion, are the views of the Kashmiris from IOK about Pakistan and secession to Pakistan ?
    I will, I love the guy more than my own parents ! I'd die for his memory and I live for his Pakistan ! And I know how much corny that sounds like but if you can believe it...I mean every word of what I said.
    Haaaahaaa ! Yaar you still haven't answered by earlier question about 'Jinnah' ? I don't need an entire essay I just wanted to know where you stand ? And whether I'm correct about him ?
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