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  • Bhai...football ne mujhe taan kar diya hai ! Try playing football in Lahore whilst you're fasting ! Thats love for the 'beautiful game' for you ! :P

    P.S Most of us are bald too ! I'm sure including yourself ! :D
    Haaahaaa ! I know shes a Pathan but 'Chinky' ! I've been called a 'Cheeni Babaa' a few times myself but I dunno if I look like one. You tell me try going to my profile and tell me whether I look like slightly cheenki !
    Dunno I'm all for completing the rest of my ACCA from the UK but my parents are very insistent on completing it from here and then working for the next 3-4 years in Pakistan ! Most of my friends have left for the UK, though...so deekhtee hain ! Or maybe I'll just visit the UK or maybe not but nothing seems to be there on the horizon as of yet !

    And you like 'Chinese looks' - Bhaabi....oh bhaabi suntiiin hain aaap ? Butttty bhai ki thoreee see pitai honi waali hai ! So...no you only like 'Pukhtoon' looks...capiche ! :P
    Oh I love the Chinese more than anyone else because there's is the one nation that has stood with us through thick and thin without any arm twisting whatsoever ! And for that I'm proud to call them 'Our Brothers' ! Heck I even want to marry a Chinese but my mama would probably cut me into little pieces and feed me to our pet goldfish if she ever hears that I'm marrying someone who isn't a Muslim ! :(

    And toys...! I know my mama used to get me 'shirts' and give me 'money' instead and she says I was always like 'yeh bhii koi gift hotaaa hai' ! Ahhh those were the good old times when I was young ! '90s bohat yaad aati hain mujhe !

    Phir Cake kaun sa thaaa ?
    That Scottish heathen comment almost had me piss myself. Thanks for making my morning tolerable!
    Salam brother, I guess he's uninformed about this issue, like many Iranians, unfortunately.

    He has to find a few real Indian friends, just to realize how some of them have taken Zionists %$# kissing to a whole new level.

    I'll post on the thread later today, in sha Allah.
    I appreciate all your support for Iran! I support Pak too, will no longer try and make amends between you and Indians.
    unofficial sources : iran, china and russia will have the biggest war exercise in the ME by 90,000 soldiers in syria, they will use 200 jets , missiles and navy (all of iran kilo submarine will go there +rissia AC + anti mine and submarines of russia )!
    but this news was not proved yet ...
    Haaahaaa ! Achaa you know, I've often heard people say that the RT (Russia Today) News channel is a Russian Government mouth piece but some of its programs on Syria (Cross Talk to be precise) were very informative perhaps you'd like to check them out on their channel on Youtube !
    Thanks, but I think I'll let you (my brother) and the Arabs (my friends) fight this one out !

    But dude I do hope that in addition to your soothsaying abilities you don't look like those hot, virgin chicks from the movie the 300 who masqueraded as the Oracles of Delphi ! :P
    'Buttty' ? I'm sure there is a 'Buttt' out there whose killed people for less ! :P But thanks, I'm relieved ! Hows Bhabi and the little Buttt Sahiban ? Has Aryan started school yet ? I know my Mum chucked me straight into Pre-Nursery/ Montessori as soon as I was 3 !
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