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  • If you really won't give up on the Palestinians, why do you hate Arabs so much? Why do you insult Arabs and thank almost every anti-Arab post?
    lol , i have 2 good news, 1. starting to build rq 170 oO :O!!!
    2- as quaran said the bani israel are afraid of death , the most !!! so don't worry about them :D
    You call me your 'younger brother' and then ask why do I want your opinion ! Tsk..tsk *rolls head in disappointment* ! Alright take your time but this dish is taking longer than a 'harisa' to cook ! :P
    Ahhh...so you can write whole essays about the SC and CJP but you can't answer a fellow Buttys question ! *cries* pataaa chal gai hai keh kitnaaa mein bhain hoon, angreezi baboo !
    You know you still haven't answered my question pertaining to the Quaid's political disposition !
    Haaaahaaa ! Alright, take care. Give my regards to Mrs.B, the two Mr.Bs and to Superkaif ! I've got some work to do !
    Oh alright ! So have the little ones tasted 'nihari', 'harisa', 'kunnah', 'halwa purri' etc. yet ? :D
    Arrggh ! What kind of a Buttt are you then ? We're supposed to be fair, fat and bald ! Or so are the men in my family ! :D

    Most probably I'd be following them too ! T T I don't want to loose my precious 'zullfain' !

    Achaa what was that 5 come home yaar thing ? Kisss context mein aap keh rahi ho ?
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