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  • Thanks for asking. I would like indians and pakistanis in fact everyone to be mates and peace between all countries. But sometimes I read so much crap and unfairness that I allow it to get me wound up as I have a strong sence of justice and I lash out. For example I will see something said by an indian really bad unreasonable about pakistan. I will then get angry go on another thread and behave like a troll/fanboy whatever. I will try to be more careful in future. I shouldnt vent my anger on someone who is not deserving. We all have bad and good in our communities. Sadly i think think problem is both our countries have crappy leaders. Thanks for pointing this out. Anyway enough forum stuff. Where you from and what do you do?
    because it was extremely offensive and would have resulted similar responses from the other side..... bringing down the forum!
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