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  • but i like US policy , he is giving all kind of junk that he wants to replace with new generation with a 5 generation equipment price to turkey SA and GCC :D and they are proud of this :)
    the only thing that bothers me is that , iran had ordered all of those equipment 38 years ago and iran gave US the money but US sold them to other countries :( like F16 it was built for US iran and 3 other EU countries ....
    turkey have just one problem, he think with the west equipment they are the unstoppable force of ME and noone can stop them ....
    so all of their policies is based on it and this will harm them in the future ...
    Lol, you're nutty enough, never thought you racist. I will give'm a piece, don't you worry.
    I can't believe I still can't send PM's. Yeah, they laid into you. But seldom have I seen you just roll with 9it. Usually you would have posted a massive tirade by now. Late, or just getting tired of the game?
    No I agree, I didn't find any of your posts racist bro, but I did feel the need to clear the misunderstanding of some of our brothers. The word 'racism' looses value when used so casually.

    Its got nothing to do with 'conflicting loyalties' ! What you're doing is wrong ! If you're not offending if I call your a 'Pakkkki' or if I were to make fun of your surname then please continue; however if you are then please extend the same courtesy to the Arabs and desist with the 'A-rab' labelling !

    And one more thing : Were you born in Pakistan ? If yes....then where ?
    Yara...... We need to work on a real thread with historical proofs / pictures with references of their double dealing nature, and then tell them to come out in the open and deny it!
    Aryan, can you please desist with the 'A-rab' thing ! Its not polite and its every bit as inflammatory as a Brit calling you a '****' ! So please...! Hmmmn. Otherwise whatever the heck you guys are doing over there continue, I do like a laugh every once in a while and I've had plenty to choose from, thanks !
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, abdollah gol said that the F4 speed said that the speed of the jet was too high and jet went inthe wrong place :D :lol: the well trained NATO pilots, our pilots just turned the whole iraq with their F-4s and bombed the H3 airbase and destroyed 60% of iraq jet fighters but these well trained pilots even can't handle the jet :D
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