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  • I respect Ataturk a lot ! I've said this before, I'll say it again - I don't to agree with him because I think the reason for the malaise was not religion but governance, however I don't for a moment doubt his sincerity to the Turkish People and he did what he thought was right for Turkey. In any case, he may have stifled religion, but he gave you guys progress, liberalism, democracy and emancipated your women, and for that he rightly deserves to be called 'Ataturk' !

    Forgive me, if I, someone who isn't even a Turk, has overstepped my welcome in the 'Turkish Defence Section' by being far too intrusive in Turkey's ideological issues. I'll try not to engage in any more of the Islamsit vs Secularist discussions. But I really don't know much about the 'military stuff' !
    Every person can freely have his own opinion on various subjects. But when we talk about Islam there are no place for misconception. The problem doesn't occur in our different thoughts in different matters, but more when some people tries to falsely prove that Atatürk was a religious Muslim, when he simply wasn't (as there are alot of proofs, also Deno says "everyone knows Atatürk wasn't Muslim". No, not especially everyone)

    I believe you are a guy who isn't like the other kemalists though, since you seem to be more honest. So there are no hard feelings from my side, thanks for your concern.

    I hope you will have a recovery of whatever disease is disturbing you.

    Selam aleykum
    I apologize in his part brother. he gets angry sometimes but please understand he did not mean anything.
    he would not intentional insult turks bro. he is part azeri also.
    Hey....One question....Can you tell me what is the meaning of "Zigana".

    Its a pistol Turkish origin. But i am just curious about the meaning of Zigana.
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