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  • Well, my intention was to include all Turkic empires, i might have missed 1 or two. The Mughals were also Turks.
    Why every body stops zolkarneyn from talking? Although I found him against my some beliefs, it is not democratic to push him in a silence mode! :)
    Maybe, but history is history. This is the first time I've been hearing in my life that I have "turkish roots" and am a traitor.

    A wide diaspora does not give the Turkish race to claim birthright in all its lands.
    Okay, on my part I'll try to tone it down ! But tell me is this divide, that between Islamists (moderate Islamists) and Secularists or Kemalists, ever present in the Turkish society ?
    I respect Ataturk a lot ! I've said this before, I'll say it again - I don't to agree with him because I think the reason for the malaise was not religion but governance, however I don't for a moment doubt his sincerity to the Turkish People and he did what he thought was right for Turkey. In any case, he may have stifled religion, but he gave you guys progress, liberalism, democracy and emancipated your women, and for that he rightly deserves to be called 'Ataturk' !

    Forgive me, if I, someone who isn't even a Turk, has overstepped my welcome in the 'Turkish Defence Section' by being far too intrusive in Turkey's ideological issues. I'll try not to engage in any more of the Islamsit vs Secularist discussions. But I really don't know much about the 'military stuff' !
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