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    PAF J10CP - will perform flypast on 23rd March , 2022 l Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed

    Not testing ejection seats. Training the ground crew on maitenance of Chinese ejection seats. AVIC #China recently completed “intensive” training programs for the ejection seat and training on 7 other systems for the ground crew of the J-10C, for the #Pakistan Air Force in #Chengdu.
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    China’s population up less than half a million in 2021, births plunge again as crisis deepens

    AI is already fast replacing human workers, this is Shanghai Children's hospital with minimum health workers. AI is aready doing most of the works. This is just one example of human workers being replaced by AI and robots in China. How Advanced are Hospitals in China? | Life of Indian family...
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    Asian woman pushed to her death in front of New York subway train

    The lady killed was a Philippino... As long as you have East Asiatic look, you could be subject of violent attack.
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    Pakistan finalized Z-10ME Helicopters deal with China : Journalist Sumaira Khan

    These are graphene armour plates. Graphene armour plates are extremely light weight and 200 times stronger than steel. 1) When Z10 began production many years ago, this type of armour plate has not been developed, thus it became an add-on to existing J10 design. No, it is not ERA, it is...
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    PAF J10CP - will perform flypast on 23rd March , 2022 l Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed

    Air to ground/sea surface configuration with laser guided bombs and AGM. Air-to-air missiles deployed may include short-range air-to-air missiles such as the PL-8 and PL-10 (on J-10C), medium-range radar-guided air-to-air missiles such as the PL-12 and PL-15 (on J-10C), unguided and...
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    Man Shouts "Down With Xi Jinping" in Shenzhen China, onlookers cheer for his arrest and shout"well done" to the police

    Very strong cantonese accent of putonghua. BBC could be having a camera already set up nearby hours earlier for the stage to go live, hoping to catch police violence scene against peaceful protestor.
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    Chinese Navy (PLAN) News & Discussions

    PLAN Hongkong flotilla began training for 2022. Photo via East Pendulum.
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    Modernisation of Three Old DDG Classes: 956, 051B, 052B

    Personally, I think PLAN should consider extend the service of #112 and #113 a few years beyond 30 years (2024-2025), mainly because of:- 1) to keep a larger pool of experienced sailors for future transfer to new destroyers build after 2025. 2) to maintain the numbers of surface combat ships...
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    Thailand to sign rail pact with Laos, China

    Thailand is going the right way. While Malaysian government as usual sucks at their imcompetency and fighting among themselves for personal gains instead of national interests.
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    Why J-10C repeatly defeat J-16 in Chinese air war game?

    J10C has combat radius of 1,240km or 2,600km with mid-air refueling (data from manufacturer AVIC on J10CE). Below maps show 1,240km combat radius from Lahore and Karachi, with-out mid-air refueling.
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    Y-20 heavy transport aircraft News & Discussions

    Yanliang airfield November 2021. Total number of large transport planes.
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    Y-20 heavy transport aircraft News & Discussions

    Yanliang airfield GE map dated November 2021 shows 23 large transports consist of serial productions and proto types Y20 and may be 1 or 2 IL-76 test-beds. IMO, at least 15 of these are serial production Y20 transport and aerial tankers. The rest of 8 or so aircraft are either proto type or...
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    Type 00X/003 (former Type 002) Aircraft Carrier News & Discussions

    There is the 3rd KJ-600 in satellite image of same date.
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    US inflation jumped 7% in December as prices rise at rates unseen in decades

    Will the Inflation of US equal to/exceed 2021 nominal GDP? The forecast made during middle of the year for 2021 US GDP was 7%, but the 4Q economy for US is worst than expected. So if the actual nominal GDP is less than 7%, they will be in Negative Real GDP again.

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