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    High cost of Indian Mirage 2000 fighter upgrade causing a rethink

    Sell It to some African and Latin American Country for some Amount and Buy F-16IN or Rafeal it will make both country happy.. :smitten::yahoo: We can sell a pcs for atleast 10 million so the actual price will come down to 25 to 30 million:woot: We will have new aircraft and it will be...
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    Wikileaks: India unlikely to deploy Cold Start against Pakistan

    Guys !! Look Pakistan can't see the growth of India in Double Digit :yahoo: We both started at the same time and I drive Mercedes and you still in Bullock cart... We work in 5 star Atomsphere and you still sweating in the SUN We don't need Arms to make our Neighbour...
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    China demands India not to attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony

    It was denied to Ghandhiji... becoz of British Influence on sweden post WWII ;). I don't understand why China Demand :taz:... Its upto GOI to decide. India Demanded China to Leave Akshai Chin did they Leave ?? :azn:
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    I heard Noth Korean Babes are more hot :cheesy: than of south and if you travel with them to northern region it makes them more hotter :smitten: and About Mr Khan... he is like Johnny Lever of Fir hera fari he is the middle man with task and got caught
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    Russia to buy “2,000 aircraft” in next decade

    I think you not that Dull :hitwall: you can always search Google Russian Interest In Tejas Mark II Development Initiatives Air Force Aircraft Programs Here is the Link Religare Strategic Advisory Commentary - Aircraft Procurement - April 2010
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    Every thing you need to know about cold start

    Interesting (S/NF) We think that the November 2008 Pakistan-linked terror attack in Mumbai and its immediate aftermath provide insight into Indian and Pakistani thinking on Cold Start. First, the GOI refrained from implementing Cold Start even after an attack as audacious and bloody as...
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    U.S. Approves Boeing C-17 Globemaster Sale to India

    Good news.... But what about the Electronic suite... and what about CISMOA (Communications and Information Security Memorandum of Agreement) Remember we have to pay 4 % extra for Foreign Military Sales (FMS). And may be 20 % extra for Isreali and French system So what would be the...
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    I think you are not that stupid... asking for link everytime... you can always search in google...

    I think you are not that stupid... asking for link everytime... you can always search in google .... just Russia Interest in LCA MARK II and seach it will you several links and I hope you can read
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    'Israeli troops open fire on Lebanon'

    Israeli troops have opened fire on Lebanon from two border posts across the Lebanese southern border, a Lebanese security source says. The machinegun fire came from Israeli positions near Shebaa Farms on the border between Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian land on Wednesday, dpa...
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    Russia to buy “2,000 aircraft” in next decade

    Good news.... They have shown in interest in LCA mark II...
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    Russian Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber

    The Indian Navy acquired a strategic manned airborne dimension with the entry of Tupolev Tu-142M “Bear-F” Long Range Maritime Patrol/Anti-Submarine Warfare (LRMP/ASW) platforms in 1988. Powered by four KKBM Kuznetsov NK-12MV turboprops (each rated at 11,033-KW or 14,795-shp), with...
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    India refuses visa to Musharraf

    Mr Webmaster Pakistani are more safe in India than in pakistan U know why ? Because they have to report their presence in every local Police station / District quaters they move around giving information about their host and other stuff... there are night checks to confirm their...
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    India refuses visa to Musharraf

    Good news... stop this "Man coming to India becoz he is not Man of words" He is now outdated, full lies and create confusion in in both country relationship just for his personal gain
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    DRDO Lab Makes Most Powerful Conventional Explosive

    Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power (ATBIP) (Russian: Авиационная вакуумная бомб&#1072...
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    India Developing The World's Most Powerful Conventional Explosive

    We already have Thread for this no need for second one

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