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    Similarities between Turkey and Pakistan in Dressing

    Nobody in the Middle East rocks traditional outfits, except Afghans and Pakistanis but then again we’re not exactly in the Middle East.
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    'Like a toy': Girl, 3, attacked by 'service' dog in restaurant

    Dogs are loyal to being fed? The second you stop asserting your dominance, the dog is out of control and loyalty goes out the window.
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    Iran and Pakistan to sign deal to bypass sanctions and exchange rice for electricity

    not only atomi power but also has some of the biggest rivers in the world. Pakistan is a banana republic run by corrupt retards with shitty and greedy people. Absolutely useless people. It only takes 6 months living here before the rose colored glasses come off.
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    Punjab Song | Pakistani Punjabis sing emotional song for Indian Farmers | by Lahoriye

    As a Punjabi I don’t really feel any bonhomie towards indian punjabis. I have no hate towards them but I don’t have any love either. Decent people though, the most decent of Indians along with Nepalis.
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    India planned to attack Imran Khan in Quetta post Hazara massacre

    LMFAO at this Banana republic. PM cannot even enter sovereign Pakistan cities because of India. Looks like India’s got Pakistan by the balls. sharam ki baat he
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    Power Breakdown in Pakistan - Major cities plunged into darkness

    I’m in bahawalpur and no light yet. But I have solar plates and am living on the borrowed time of my battery because there is no sun out.
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    Sugar prices surge across Pakistan

    Tea is haram anyway so wtf Pakistanis need sugar for?
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    Pakistani American Doctor Erases Debt of His cancer Patients On His retirement

    Dil khush ho gaya khabar par ke. May Allah swt bless him and his family with the highest place in heaven.
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    A letter from Quetta

    There is only one language that is superior to all others when it comes to insults and that is Punjabi.
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    JUI-F brought seminary students to PDM’s Bahawalpur rally

    They closed down my chowk as the rally was held at the next chowk. I could hear all these pigs screaming from my house. Very few Bahawalpuris attended, it was mostly the business class that are into thuggery and then the rest arrived from the bus adda. It was like all the snakes arrived at one...

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