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    Hello PDF. It has been a while, longer than I could remember. Many new faces out there, yet some familiar and reputed members still around. Well wishes. --- They think war atrocities would rupture what was left of us. O you bloody bastards! Look at the turmoils! For the first time in decades...
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    Classical music thread

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    400 containers impounded to cordon off twin cities

    Over here in Lahore, after Imran Khan's statement about countless bikes in his rally, police have started confiscating bikes and aren't giving them back before 14 August. The targets are especially at night and aimed at teenagers and young adults. Police here have established small posts to do...
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    KACST research discovers new class of industrial polymers

    I have been the KACST research labs on a visit once. It certainly is very hi-tech and advanced. Good luck for future programs.
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    Karachi Airport Under Terrorist Attack

    The 'control' of the airport must be with paramilitary, while the search and rescue must be done by military. Right now I don't know who is doing the latter, but the police is doing former which is a horrible idea.
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    Karachi Airport Under Terrorist Attack

    I dropped my father at Lahore Airport about two hours ago. His flight took off after the attack. He informed me that security is, ofcourse, on alert and that people all over the terminal at LHE are glued on to TV screens. The chief of ASF of LHE is my friend and it is an independent force...
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    Attention all Karachites

    My password is 2222.
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    Defence.pk's exclusive interview with a PAF topgun, Air Commodore (R) Kaiser Tufail.

    He did mention the PG to stay for a long time, it is to fulfill the Interceptor role in ADA. @Aeronaut You should have checked with me for questions too. Knowing sir Tufail we both do know the answers to them, but the audience here should have read them too. Check my FB. A fine interview. You...
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    Application of Pak Army's Soft Prong in FATA / Malakand and its Impact

    It is always a pleasure viewing your work.
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    Can I join PAF for Aeronautical Engineering after completing HND(Higher National Diploma) in AE?

    Yes this is possible. You can apply in CAE after you complete your diploma. Good luck.
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    Please pray for Last Hope.

    Pakar lia tha, phir chand ghanton baad ussko maaf ker dia gaya tha. :)
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    Please pray for Last Hope.

    Well, as I say, I am one nut hard to crack. ;)
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    Please pray for Last Hope.

    Thank you all for your warm wishes. The accident took place nearly 3 weeks ago and I have nearly completely recovered now. It was a hit and run by a 4-ton metal-body vehicle. It resulted in head injuries including partial brain hemorrhage, major tissues of neck and shoulders being injuries...
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    Took some time out to barely make this piece. Was supposed to be JF-17 at sundown with approaching storm-front but messed up with lighter shaded clouds. Nevertheless, still proud of what I could do. Inspired by wallpaper by TT Najam Khan.
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    Why 'the war' is not inevitable

    I'm not choosing anyone. All I need is no terrorism, by any means possible. If you want to surrender, I'm fine with it, if your friend wants to engage, I'll be standing in front of him with my rifle on his head. Don't mistake me for applying the notion of good and bad taliban here.

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