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  • Walikum salam.

    Do you mean: la haula wala quwwata illa billahil 'aliyil 'azeem would be more complete.

    np, its just way to show solidarity to our state, and show these bharties that we are one strong Nation, that they cannot take down....
    I was thinking that we who support PTI should change our avatars to PTI logo, IK pics or whatever we like, maybe agree upon one picture as our avatar ? what you say?
    I Am A Pakistani and I am for sale!!!

    After this raymond davis decision i start hating to call my self Pakistani.
    are we that cheap that any one come from other country kill our people and run away .
    I loved my cournty ... The Army and ISI
    I still love my country but I hate from now on the sellers of our people ISI and Army ...
    I cant describe my feelings
    But what a true quote was said by american That Pakistanis can sale their mother for $$$$$
    this may be my last thread.
    ALLAH Pakistan ka hafiz

    ...so true and i wanted to post a reply to your thread bt didnt know how to as it doesnt show an icon.
    kisi bhi section main jaa kar NEW THREAD ke button par click kar do...... phir agle page per Title likho jo logon ko nazar aaye

    aur phir neechay sara message ke joh first post main nazar aaye. Masaal ke tor per yeh neechay wali picture dekho


    is main maine new thread ka button highlight kiya howa hai
    Yes, the paid students by mullas in Karachi did stage hungama and it was already planed by the mullas in karachi.

    First they had threatend to bomb the University if it allowed Sir Zaid's lecture but after failling they did this drama there. But he completed his speech.

    It was bunch of frew students while hunderds of others supported ZH.
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