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    A humble request.. Next time if you see ajtr post, please restrain from any posting and let the post die its natural death. If we post anything into it, he gains undue importance. Ignore the post and move on. This is what i have been doing and fairly successful.

    ni abi bas engagement hui hai. shadi ki to date ka bhi nahi pata may be by next year end. woh ghar walo ne zabardasti engagement kara di warna hum dono ne to next year hi socha tha.... haan yaar ab koi line nahi maarta **** :(
    lol..experience bolbo na... im just a social person during day time..so I talk to everybody...as long as I have an interesting topic.... :D
    try koro..start with a simple conversion..dress simple but conciously..and things really help if you are good at the job that you are doing.. :D

    Have fun while you can!!!!Being the hot guy or the cool guy doesnt always help..The key is --Keep it simple and stupid=Kiss
    cig khaowa kom kore diyechi...dine aaj kal 3-4 te hoy...smell er bepare ektu khani concious thakte hoy...ami non-veg khaowate or khub ekta problem nei..tobe kemon jeno ekta mukh kore bose thake...kokhono bhabi..eto khani compromise korte parbo ki??

    tomar ki khobor bolo??the hot girl in the next cubicle??
    meye marathi.....ektu besi e emotional...tar opor vegetarian...amake ciggerette khete dekhle chote jay....
    ami bhaloi achi..meyer baba r onek condition ache..meye mba korte chay..meyer baba o chay je meye aage podasuno koruk..amar o mba korar ichhe ache..sob kichu finalize hote ektu deri ache...also this is not the age....ektu time lagbe...

    arr haan.. aaj theke abir e bolbo :)
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