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  • nice to meet you bro yes my famly is also from calcutta mom did her studies from calcutta uni been there tons of time sabers rezala & pulao is one of my fav ,subzero in park street along with cafe cofee day & azad hind dhaba, peter cats,nizam,hindustan sweets in new market along with those killer juice shops the best i have ever had you guys have some tasty food culture
    Hi Abir ...

    In ref to your post in the "Sonia Gandhi scared of..." thread---
    The problem ..............Modi along with Tytler and ilk all should be put behind the bar for the harm thet did to India.
    ----Apnar Original post

    Ami je point ta bolchilam sheta ai je ki Bjp abong Congress dui joner moddhe karor i haath porishkar na . Anti-sikh riots jodi 1984 e hoy , to Godhra o hoye 9 saal hoye gaeche . Cholito somoy e , amader media / poeple's opinion/o judiciary ato prevalent je naa akta Godra repeat naa e akta Anti-sikh riot repeat shombhob . To jodi ( shob corruption niye )congress leaders der ke elect kora jaaye to BJP der keyo shujog na dewar ki karon ?

    Ultimately to Bharoter unnoti tai shabche jaroori , --ar Bharoter unnoti mane simultaneously Muslim communiter unnonity ---jeta prastut kale Gujrate daekha jaachche ( courtesy Sachar Committee ).....

    Ai tai bolte chai chilam .
    regards ,

    I find you to be a neutral person, never heard anything bad about pakistan from u. One of the few indian.
    Keep it up
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