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    Sex-for-rent offered by landlords - BBC News

    Pretty much, however it is also true that the negatives get reported whilst the positives starve for attention. There is good in people, just don't expect it.
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    Indian Air Ambulance Makes Emergency Landing at Islamabad Airport

    It's embarrassing how right that statement would be.
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    Why China, with same size of power grid, won’t suffer outage like in the US

    Ah! Yes, the customary pat on the back, followed by a jibe at this forum's ol enemy. I'll summarise for those unwilling to read it all: China stronk, China do no wrong, Haw Haw look at puny democracy struggling against weather conditions it wasn't designed for. Oh and India bad too.
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    "We'll Stand With Friends...": US On India Amid Ladakh Row With China

    Quite well put, showcases the difficulty in persuing national interests in face of an intimidating foreign one's. IMO we've little choice in the matter, building your own takes time, patience and stability as proven by China's rise. We need the American market to grow just as they need ours...
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    Biden calls India's Modi, seeks to strengthen regional security through 'Quad' grouping

    Thank you for expounding on my last statement, I think you captured it's spirit perfectly.
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    Biden calls India's Modi, seeks to strengthen regional security through 'Quad' grouping

    That's quite a naieve viewpoint. I like it, it's a hallmark of those who enter discussions with the members on the other side of the fence. I sincerely hope you don't let repeated instances of trollish behaviour colour your perceptions, some just are in it for the fun. I'd rather we work...
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    Why does Pakistan have zero grandmaster's in chess ?

    Maybe not many see it as a career to persue instead of just a passion to fulfill. Even here it's pretty rare for anyone to actively persue it, although chess championships at school levels exist, so there is a structure available for those who would be interested in it and want to go further...
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    Automatically ban Indians for posting from fake news sites

    Why did you have to do that? Now we have a verified source sayin you is fake. All it needs is someone yelling it at the top of their voices in media house resembling a circus and the shit flinging begins. Egads! Man, the news that I come across these days is equal parts cringe and...
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    Indian Railways achieves 100% punctuality for first time in history, 201 trains on time

    It's only a matter of aim and execution, devilish details notwithstanding :p: Tbh I'd had completely forgotten about the new rail corridor, I blame lack of caffeine ☺. To a large extent dedicated line will ease the pressure on IR's sprawling transportation lines but it's true test would be how...
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    Indian Railways achieves 100% punctuality for first time in history, 201 trains on time

    That's quite heartening to read about. It is indeed a milestone for the railways. Although I feel this was possible due to the reduction in the no. Of trains run daily rather than a major organisational overhaul. This record would be more impressive if we can achieve it at peak loads, the...
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    Real India Stats (2020)

    The only point I'd like to disagree with you in your post is the part where you mentioned Pakistan to be nothing, though I understand the intent behind you saying it. Why, netizens from both sides chronically underestimate each other, I haven't the foggiest. It is also undeniable that the...
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    Real India Stats (2020)

    What is to be done then? Sit and critize those pointing at my deficiencies or work to improve upon them? P.S. I understand your intent was to compare the level of underdevelopment in both these regions, but you're underestimating the progress and hard work the people of Africa and SEA have...
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    Real India Stats (2020)

    Those are troubling stats, moreso since these represent the state of my nation today. The current administration has clearly failed to live up to its mandate and must answer to the electorate. It's, sadly, also understandable the spirit in which this thread was started. As an Indian on PDF I...
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    Chinese netizens comment on comparison between kneeling Chinese and American policemen

    Surely, big media outlets ought to know this: Cherry picking, suppressing evidence, or the fallacy of incomplete evidence is the act of pointing to individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position while ignoring a significant portion of related and similar cases or data that...
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    Will India supply vaccine to Pakistan? Seems so...

    Frankly imho, this thread's in bad taste, more of a taunt than a gesture of goodwill as it should be if GoP ever requests it. Our enemy is the virus, the fact that the majority of nations have dedicated resources and have managed to achieve a breakthrough in such a relatively short amount of...

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