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    In defence of Sharia Councils in UK

    The unbelievable amount of irony and delusion in these few sentences is mind boggling to say at least
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    Medical student commits suicide after repeated eve-teasing

    Yes, dont discuss anything and stick your head into the ground. Better talk about religion for 50 pages.
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    UN Human Development Index (2015 ranking)

    Wait, why are all immoral countries leading the list? o.O
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    Muslim women show British PM just how #TraditionallySubmissive they are

    If 20 % of Muslim women are not capable to speak proper English, you gotta admit that there is a freaking problem.
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    Hollande warns Rafale deal will 'take time'

    I decided (For the sake of my real life) to stop paying any attention to this drama until I see the first pic of an IAF Rafale in the production line :)
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    It's time to stop the mad quest for fusion power

    :lol: And you still wonder why people laugh at America for having the highest number of stupid people for any developed country? Are you among the morons who also think that the Earth is 6,000 years old... I mean they make up 40% of the US population.
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    Kerala: Won’t take action against those who kill dangerous dogs, says minister

    Good, animal rights are fine and good but once a bunch of stray dogs start following you or even come near to children my tolerance ends. Not to mention the various diseases they might be carrying since nobody looks for them.
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    Top 5 Countries to Live In - Which would you prefer?

    Wait?! Why are the non "moral" countries leading in this list o.O
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    Defence & civil N cooperation will dominate Francois Hollande's visit; cooperation on rail infra

    Amazing! A great sign of Indo-French cooperation and friendship :tup:
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    Uh oh. More CO2 causes global cooling.

    Listening to this moron makes me feel so smart now :lol:
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    Indian Military Picture Thread

    That must be the ugliest camo I ve seen so far^^
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    ISIS's Sharia Judges Order Extermination of Disabled Kids

    I dont get why the nazis are against these vermin... after all they share many common ideas and mental retardations, like murdering disabled people.
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    Putin endorses Trump

    Lol seems like two morons found each other :tup:

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