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  • hey welcome back yaar..surprised to see you got banned..i dont knw the reason..any way past is past..ce you around :D
    Hi & welcome back,
    Honestly speaking I wasn't expecting a rational member like you getting banned, but anyhow, some where down the line we all commit a mistake somewhere. Good to have you back and be careful in future. Dont wanna lose ya!

    yes true but defence.pk is my first ever defence forum that i joined in i was very regular here before with the username moscow now other commitments have taken more importance
    hi kinsuk i am russian passport holder with parents of mixed indo-russian origin i met you there on D.FI as well
    nice to meet you too
    Hi Kinshuk, You made a remark in a post about me calling Chinese brothers and you asked that what about the Indians.... well, let me tell you that for last 3 to 4 yrs most of my friends are Indians and mostly Hindu. My only friend here in CT is again from India 'Bhaskar'. So it's not that I hold anything against them, any nice fellow is dear to me and I find you a nice person too.
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