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  • Thanks for deciding to stay, the point of this forum is not to exclude Indians no matter what you have seen on Indian forums!
    Just give it some thought. Who is benefiting from it all? Who is to gain?

    In Pakistan we do not believe it was any Pakistanis that did this cheap act. We are sure of this. The LET only fights in Kashmir and they have denied involvement in this attack in full.
    I understand. I know its hard bro. I had a very close cousin who died in 2007. He brothers moved to Pakistan because he too had been brought to his knees not only by the Bajrang dal fanatics who killed his sister but also by the institutions like police and courts that did not allow him justice. People who have suffered have a responsibility to end this vicious cycle of violence not to become part of it.

    However mate u should also consider the possibility that it may be Hindu fanatics that have done this horrible act. The last 40 blasts have been blamed on Pakistan and I dont know till when this pointing fingers and blame game will continue. The Quaid and Gandhi promoted peace between our nations and wanted to make sure that we would live like brothers in the future. Making sure that happens is our responsibility and most ppl of both nations know this and are working towards this same goal.

    In truth mate we have the same issues and problems. We just want India to deal with the Hindu fanatics as well rather than the muslim ones only. Just give it some thought and think that it could be hindu fanatics who have done this because it is only them who have gained by this attack. BJP is set to win, there is distrust of congress in terms of security, the malegaon and samjhauta express (blamed also on LET and ISI if u remember) investigations set to aquit some bjp leaders are thrown off track with Karkares death. There was definately a reason Karkares widow refused the money f4m Modi. She knew who had killed her husband.

    You should give this possibility a chance brother. The people of Pakistan have nothing against you nor any interest in causing such horrible bloodshed in Mumbai and believe us everyone of us will condemn this cheap act.

    Give what I have said some thought mate and just dont believe all in the media... you deserve justice and you deserve to be told the truth. The best thing to do to relieve your heart is search for this truth.

    My sympathy to all who have lost people in this disgusting attack. Death to the terrorists!
    Thats right there is no reason to be sorry. We are all humans beings and have families and I am sure that I would have reacted as you did or even more so. I pray for the departed and am with you in your time of grief.
    its completely fine.and i understand what state you are in.i salute your love for your country and sacrifice for the cause.but i feel like we all as a majority have given up before the forces who've gone out of the way to raise the differences between the two regions that more or less are the same.lets pray and hope that it will end one day.once and for all.
    My dear friend there is no need to sorry , as I understand that it was random shocking reaction, and its not only upto me but any civilized mature human always keen to take care of humanity especially friends & neighbors and share their feelings during (God Forbid) bad times of shocking phase. its a mutual responsibility viz a viz among the friends who needed.
    As i told you, Its could be well managed pre-planed clandestine conspiracy rather then terroristic attack, to creat gap in between us.... but in any case it was really extremly bad condamnable event. God Bless us all and guide us to use his awarded wisdom & brilliancy to assess the facts to avoid confusions, and protact us from bad intented politicians on each side. Wish God may protect us all bad aspects of so called modern civilization where manipulation are so common among the world leadership to rig the facts, which may causes severe problems for the common peoples where ever they are.

    Wish you all the best of peace and prosperity.
    Best Regards
    Kingfisher I am deeply hurt by what I have heard. You lost one of your own in the Mumbai attacks? I too have lost people in India who were close to me and I know what it is like. Remember these fanatics they have no faith no religion and no nationality, they can strike anywhere and kill anyone for their own twisted intentions. They are the enemies of all humanity and are bloodthirsty pigs.

    I would just like to request you not to live the rest your life in anger at your loss because that is what they wanted and that is exactly how they wanted you to behave.

    I have seen with many people who have lived in India and lost their loved ones to fanatics come here to Pakistan and become even more fanatical themselves.

    Just do not hate everyone and also try to understand the forces that are at work behind the scenes to destroy this peaceful world. This is the work of those who would want to destroy the peace between India and Pakistan and could be either hindu or muslim radicals.

    We are all with you in your pain and we share your grief. Just remember that those who have comitted this vile act are neither Pakistani, Indian nor have any faith.
    hi kingfisher.i don't know what kind of heartless people support these nonsense homicide acts.unconscious,unarmed people unawaring of the fatal,unforseeable incidents awaiting them.nobody, nobody in this world deserves this.i don't want anyone to die like this.Indian,Pakistani anyone.i wept.but i'm helpless like so many others are.please accept my condolence and forgive us if anyone caused your heart pain.
    I am truly sorry for your loss. I agree that India did not deserve this and I hope the truth comes out. I understand that you are hateful and angry at this moment but please direct it in a constructive manner so many more do not have to die needless deaths. I express my condolences to you and your family and you certainly have my complete sympathy and understanding.
    Oh my dear friend 1st you please accept my deep heart condolence upon such a tragic occasion happened in Mumbai..........I strongly condemn such incident...every sensitive reasonable person condemn such terroristic brutality......!
    In my view its only to jeopardize the currently ongoing efforts in between India & Pakistan, to be more closer…..now its up to our governments that how they would responding …either they will packed and go on route as per desire of enemies of Indo-Pak friendship….. tackle it brilliantly …and continue to strengthen relationship.
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