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  • My relatives in Iran say the prices of food have increased. but having said that here in the UK the prices are laso going up.
    Yes of course, that ahmadinejad had some positive aspects but he totally messed our relation with the west... the Iranian people suffer because of few mens Ideology.
    I am an atheist, I would explain to you why, but that would take ages.
    I think Iran needs to take it's relation with the west from negative to neutral.
    regarding Israel, well they are the one of the few people in the middle east who actually respect Iranian culture. for example Cyrus the great saved the jew and let back back into Israel, and for that he is called the messiah in their holy book. even jesus was not called messiah by them.

    we had nothing against Israel but after they killed out innocent people then that made us start to dislike them.
    I tend to be very logical and very scientific in my thinking. I believe the absolute Law of the universe is that of change. meaning nothing can stay the same, everything must change.Iran is no exception.

    If Iran takes it natural trend, then not only will they loose this regime and get better relation with the west(which could be totally new countries as USA might not even exists by then) but there is possibility that Iran will stop being an Islamic nation. Iranian youth now are very Persian nationalist, they love their pre islamic culture. I personally agree with No hostile-No friend relation with west.
    Of course lol, Iran was amazing during shah era.
    only problem is we don't know if we would be doing as well in science and being self sufficient as we are now.
    sure but even the americans admit they will never have an ground invasion in Iran.
    it will make vietname look like a good memory.
    sure but even the americans admit they will never have an ground invasion in Iran.
    it will make vietname look like a good memory.
    Yes, but tbh they don't really need tank atm.
    they need missile, which they have plenty off.

    even china at some point was just concentrating on it deterrence at some point only, they had the same tank for decades. when they knew for sure no one would dare to attack, they started to invest in their conventional military. Iran is doing the same.
    Really how old are you? To be honest with you, I'm really just turned 19! I'm quite young. And you start college at a very young age in Pakistan, but I'm not in Pakistan though.

    And God bless, may Allah grant you success.
    Well, I gave you reasons plenty of times. You just never seemed to listen to them.

    Anyway, I'm just starting college. What are you hoping to become?
    Yes, you're free to your views. And we are free to disagree with your views and call them unlogical sometimes too.

    But, let's put this arguing away, for now at least.

    I want to ask you, did you graduate college?
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